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COSEWIC assessment and status report on the Butternut in Canada

Existing Protection or other Status Designations


Butternut has a Global Ranking of G3G4. It is ranked as SR in N.B., S4 in Quebec and S3? in Ontario. The effect of butternut canker on Canadian populations has only become apparent over the last decade after the canker was first noted in this country. In Canada, butternut has no official status, although it is now being tracked by the NHIC and by the AC CDC as species of provincial conservation concernin Ontario and New Brunswick respectively.

Ostry et al. (1994) stated that butternut was listed under Category 2 on the list of Endangered and Threatened Plants under the Endangered Species Act in the United States. This category was for species that show evidence of vulnerability, but which need more background data. However, the species was delisted along with the entire Category 2. Butternut is still listed as a species of concern in many states and in Federal Region 9 (Ostry, pers. comm. 2002). In the U.S., restrictions on harvest of butternut on some public lands have been enacted and silvicultural guidelines for the management of butternut have been developed (Ostry et al., 1994).