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Consultation on Amending the List of Species under the Species at Risk Act: Terrestrial Species - January 2015

The List of Species Eligible for an Amendment to Schedule 1

Status of the recently assessed species and consultation paths

On October 15, 2014, COSEWIC submitted 27 assessments of species at risk to the Minister of the Environment for species that are eligible to be added to Schedule 1 of SARA. Nineteen of these are terrestrial species and 8 are aquatic species. COSEWIC also reviewed the classification of species already on Schedule 1, in some cases changing their status. Five terrestrial species are now being considered for down-listing on SARA (to a lower risk status) and 4 terrestrial species are now being considered for up-listing on SARA (to a higher risk status). In all, 25 terrestrial species that are eligible to be added to Schedule 1 or to have their current status on Schedule 1 changed are included in this consultation (Table 1).

The three other terrestrial species are bats for which COSEWIC submitted an emergency assessment in February 2012 and confirmed their status as Endangered in November 2013 (Table 2). Consultations for these bat species were conducted in July–August 2014 and all three species were added to Schedule 1 of SARA as announced on December 17, 2014. The three bat species are included in this document for your information but are not a part of the current consultation. See details on the SARA listing for the three bat species.

COSEWIC also submitted the reviews of species already on Schedule 1, confirming their classification. Thirteen of these reviews were for terrestrial species. These species are not included in the consultations because there is no regulatory change being proposed (Table 3).

For more information on the consultations for aquatic species, visit the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website.

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Providing comments

The involvement of Canadians is integral to the process, as it is to the ultimate protection of Canadian wildlife. Your comments matter and are given serious consideration. Environment Canada reviews all comments it receives by the deadlines provided below.

Comments for terrestrial species undergoing normal consultations must be received by April 15, 2015.

Comments for terrestrial species undergoing extended consultations must be received by October 15, 2015.

Most species will be undergoing normal consultations. For the final consultation paths, please see the Species at Risk Public Registry website after January 13, 2015.

For more details on submitting comments, see "Comments solicited on the proposed amendment of Schedule 1."

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Table 1: Terrestrial species recently assessed by COSEWIC eligible for addition to Schedule 1 or reclassification

Reclassification: Species eligible for addition to Schedule 1 (16)

Status: Endangered (4)
TaxonSpeciesScientific nameRange
Vascular PlantsTweedy's LewisiaLewisiopsis tweedyiBC
ArthropodsOregon Branded SkipperHesperia colorado oregoniaBC
ArthropodsGypsy Cuckoo Bumble BeeBombus bohemicusYT NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL
AmphibiansEastern Tiger Salamander (Prairie population)Ambystoma tigrinumMB
Status: Threatened (5)
TaxonSpeciesScientific nameRange
LichensEastern WaterfanPeltigera hydrothyriaQC NB NS
Vascular PlantsHare-footed LocoweedOxytropis lagopusAB
ArthropodsAudouin's Night-stalking Tiger BeetleOmus audouiniBC
ArthropodsWestern Bumble Bee occidentalis subspeciesBombus occidentalis occidentalisBC AB SK
MammalsPlains BisonBison bison bisonBC AB SK
Status: Special Concern (7)
TaxonSpeciesScientific nameRange
LichensWestern WaterfanPeltigera gowardiiBC
Vascular PlantsNahanni AsterSymphyotrichum nahannienseNT
ArthropodsWestern Bumble Bee mckayi subspeciesBombus occidentalis mckayiYT NT BC
AmphibiansWandering SalamanderAneides vagransBC
BirdsGrasshopper Sparrow pratensis subspeciesAmmodramus savannarum pratensisON QC
BirdsWestern GrebeGrasshopper Sparrow Aechmophorus occidentalisBC AB SK MB
MammalsWolverineTable 1 Footnote 1Gulo guloYT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NL

Reclassifications: Up-list (4)

Status: From Threatened to Endangered (3)
TaxonSpeciesScientific nameRange
ArthropodsDakota SkipperHesperia dacotaeSK MB
MammalsCaribou (Central Mountain population)Table 1 Footnote 2Rangifer tarandusBC AB
MammalsCaribou (Southern Mountain population)Table 1 Footnote 2Rangifer tarandusBC
Status: From Special Concern to Threatened (1)
TaxonSpeciesScientific nameRange
Vascular PlantsSweet PepperbushClethra alnifoliaNS

Reclassifications: Down-list (5)

Status: From Endangered to Threatened (1)
TaxonSpeciesScientific nameRange
AmphibiansRocky Mountain Tailed FrogAscaphus montanusBC
Status: From Threatened to Special Concern (4)
TaxonSpeciesScientific nameRange
Vascular PlantsWater PennywortHydrocotyle umbellataNS
ArthropodsMormon Metalmark (Prairie population)Apodemia mormoSK
MammalsCaribou(Northern Mountain population)Table 1 Footnote 2Rangifer tarandusYT NT BC
MammalsWood BisonBison bison athabascaeYT NT BC AB MB

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Note de bas page 1 du tableau 1

The Wolverine was formerly considered by COSEWIC as two populations (Western and Eastern populations).The Eastern population is currently listed as Endangered on Schedule 1. The Western population is not listed under Schedule 1 of SARA. In May 2014, COSEWIC considered Western and Eastern populations as a single population and designated it as Special Concern. If Schedule 1 is amended to reflect this change, the former Eastern population would be down-listed from Endangered to Special Concern, and the Western population would be added to Schedule 1 as Special Concern.

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Note de bas page 2 du tableau 1

The three Caribou populations included in the present consultation document (Northern Mountain, Central Mountain and Southern Mountain populations) were recently restructured by COSEWIC. In this restructuration, nine subpopulations formerly included in the Southern Mountain population, currently listed as Threatened, are now included in the Northern Mountain population, currently listed as Special Concern. Although COSEWIC's last assessment for the Northern Mountain population is also Special Concern, this reclassification would mean a down-listing of these nine subpopulations from Threatened to Special Concern. Please refer to the status history sections of the COSEWIC assessment summaries, reproduced in this document, for details on the restructuration of these three populations of Caribou (formerly called Woodland Caribou).

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Table 2: Terrestrial species recently added to Schedule 1 (no consultations)

Status: Endangered (3)
TaxonSpeciesScientific nameRange
MammalsLittle Brown MyotisMyotis lucifugusYT NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL
MammalsNorthern MyotisMyotis septentrionalisYT NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL
MammalsTri-colored BatPerimyotis subflavusON QC NB NS

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Table 3: Terrestrial species recently reassessed by COSEWIC (no consultations - species status confirmation)

Reassesment: Status Confirmations (13)

Status: Extirpated (1)
TaxonSpeciesScientific nameRange
AmphibiansEastern Tiger Salamander (Carolinian population)Ambystoma tigrinumON
Status: Endangered (6)
TaxonSpeciesScientific nameRange
ArthropodsMormon Metalmark (Southern Mountain population)Apodemia mormoBC
ArthropodsSand-verbena MothCopablepharon fuscumBC
AmphibiansSmall-mouthed SalamanderAmbystoma texanumON
BirdsLoggerhead Shrike Eastern subspeciesLanius ludovicianusON QC
BirdsPiping Plover circumcinctus subspeciesCharadrius melodus circumcinctusAB SK MB ON
BirdsPiping Plover melodus subspeciesCharadrius melodus melodusQC NB PE NS NL
Status: Threatened (4)
TaxonSpeciesScientific nameRange
MollusksDromedary Jumping-slugHemphillia dromedariusBC
AmphibiansCoastal Giant SalamanderDicamptodon tenebrosusBC
BirdsLoggerhead Shrike Prairie subspeciesLanius ludovicianus excubitoridesAB SK MB
BirdsShort-tailed AlbatrossPhoebastria albatrusBC Pacific Ocean
Status: Special Concern (2)
TaxonSpeciesScientific nameRange
ReptilesEastern MilksnakeLampropeltis triangulumON QC
BirdsHarlequin Duck (Eastern population)Histrionicus histrionicusNU QC NB NS NL

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