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COSEWIC Annual Report 2004

COSEWIC Assessment Results

The tables that follow (Tables 6-9) are organized by status category and then by taxonomic group. For each species, the information provided includes the common name, scientific name, population name, and range of occurrence in Canada (by province, territory or ocean). For birds, range of occurrence includes the Canadian breeding and wintering distribution. The most recent date of assessment by COSEWIC is shown. The symbols on the left provide information on the type of status report used as the basis for reassessment for species evaluated against quantitative criteria (see below), and the symbols on the right provide information on the outcome of status reassessments (see explanation of symbols on page three).

The first COSEWIC "Endangered Species List" was issued in 1978. In 1990, it was decided that all species considered by COSEWIC should be included in this document even if the species were in the Not at Risk or Data Deficient categories. Therefore, this document is divided into four sections. The first section (Table 6) includes species assessed and designated as Extinct. The second section (Table 7) includes species assessed and designated as Extirpated, Endangered, Threatened or Special Concern. The third section (Table 8) includes species assessed and found to be in the Not at Risk category. The fourth section (Table 9) includes species considered by COSEWIC and placed in the Data Deficient category because of insufficient scientific information.

Evaluation with COSEWIC's quantitative criteria

COSEWIC has been using quantitative criteria to assess species' risk of extinction since October 1999. These criteria were adapted from the criteria used by the World Conservation Union (IUCN).

Explanation of type of status report symbols for species evaluated using quantitative criteria

0 or 0+ Assessment based on a new status report or an update status report. A plus sign (+) indicates the report has an addendum or that the report has been modified.

1 or 1+ Species re-assessed using an existing status report. A plus sign (+) indicates the report has an addendum or that the report has been modified.

Geographical occurrence abbreviations

AB   Alberta 
BC   British Columbia 
MB   Manitoba 
NB   New Brunswick
NL   Newfoundland and    Labrador       
NS   Nova Scotia  
NT   Northwest Territories  
NU   Nunavut   
ON   Ontario
PE   PrinceEdward Island
QC   Québec
SK   Saskatchewan
YT   Yukon Territory

Table 6. Species assessed and designated Extinct, with range of occurrence (by province, territory or ocean) and date of last assessment. The historical range of occurrence and the approximate date of disappearance are shown (12 species).

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Range of

Mammals (2)
0 4Caribou dawsoni subspecies?    Rangifer tarandus dawsoni BC1920sMay 2000
1 4Mink, Sea Mustela macrodon  NB NS Atlantic Ocean   1894May 2000
Birds (3)
1 4Auk, Great   Pinguinus impennis    QC NB NS NL1844May 2000
1 4Duck, Labrador Camptorhynchus labradorius QC NB NS NL  1875    May 2000
1 4Pigeon, Passenger Ectopistes migratorius   SK MB ON QC NB NS PE   1914 May 2000
Reptiles (0)
Amphibians (0)
Fishes (5)
1 4Cisco, DeepwaterCoregonus johannae         ON 1952 May 2000
1 4Dace, Banff LongnoseRhinichthys cataractae smithi        AB 1986   May 2000
1 4Stickleback, Benthic Hadley Lake   Gasterosteus sp.         BC 1999May 2000
1 4Stickleback, Limnetic Hadley Lake   Gasterosteus sp BC1999May 2000
1 4Walleye, Blue   Stizostedion vitreum glaucum        ON1965May 2000
Arthropods (0)
Molluscs (1)
1 4Limpet, Eelgrass   Lottia alveus alveus        QC NS NL   1929May 2000
Vascular Plants (0)
Mosses (1)
0Moss, Macoun's Shining   Neomacounia nitida         ONnot observed since 1864   Nov 2002
Lichens (0)

Table 7. Species assessed and designated in a "risk category" (Extirpated, Endangered, Threatened or Special Concern), with range of occurrence (by province, territory or ocean) and date of assessment. For Extirpated species, the historical range of occurrence and the approximate date of disappearance from Canada are shown (444 species).

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Range of
Mammals (4)
0 4Bear, Grizzly   Ursus arctos    Prairie population   AB SK MB   1880sMay 2002
1 4Ferret, Black-footed   Mustela nigripes         AB SK MB   1974May 2000
1 4Walrus, Atlantic   Odobenus rosmarus rosmarusNorthwest
Atlantic Ocean   mid 19th century   May 2000
1 4Whale, Grey   Eschrichtius robustus  Atlantic population  Atlantic Ocean   before end of 1800s   May 2000
Birds (2) 
1 4Prairie-Chicken, GreaterTympanuchus cupido AB SK MB ON   last reported in 1987 in Saskatchew May 2000
1 4Sage-Grouse phaios subspecies, Greater   Centrocercus urophasianus phaios    BCnot observed since 1960s   May 2000
Reptiles (4)              
0Gophersnake, Pacific   Pituophis catenifer catenifer  BC   not observed since 1957   May 2002
1 4 Lizard, Pigmy Short-horned   Phrynosoma douglasiiBritish Columbia population   BClast reported in 1898, near Osoyoos, BC   May 2000
0Rattlesnake, Timber   Crotalus horridus     ON1941May 2001
0Turtle, Pacific Pond   Actinemys marmorata      BC not observed since 1959   May 2002
Amphibians (1) 
0  Salamander, Tiger   Ambystoma tigrinum    Great Lakes population   ON   1915Nov 2001
Fishes (2)
1 4?   Chub, Gravel   Erimystax x-punctatus    ONlast reported in 1958, Thames River drainage   May 2000
1 4?   Paddlefish   Polyodon spathula     ON1917May 2000
Arthropods (3)
1 4Blue, Karner   Lycaeides melissa samuelis        ON   1991   May 2000
1 4Elfin, Frosted   Callophrys [Incisalia] irus         ON   1988May 2000
1 4Marble, Island   Euchloe ausonides         BC   before 1910   May 2000
Molluscs (2)
0Snail, Puget Oregonian   Cryptomastix devia         BCnot observed since 1905   Nov 2002
1 4Wedgemussel, Dwarf   Alasmidonta heterodon       NB 1968   May 2000
Vascular Plants (2) 
1 4Spring Blue-eyed Mary   Collinsia verna         ON   not observed since 1954   May 2000
1 4Tick-trefoil, Illinois   Desmodium illinoense    ONnot observed since 1888   May 2000
Mosses (1) 
0Moss, Incurved Grizzled   Ptychomitrium incurvum   ON1828   Nov 2002
Lichens (0) 



Range of
Mammals (20)
0 6Badger jacksoni subspecies, American   Taxidea taxus jacksoni        ON   May 2000
0 6Badger jeffersonii subspecies, AmericanTaxidea taxus jeffersonii      BCMay 2000
0 6Caribou, Peary   Rangifer tarandus pearyi        NT NU   May 2004
0 4Caribou, Woodland   Rangifer tarandus caribou   Atlantic-Gaspésie population   QCMay 2002
1 4Fox, Swift   Vulpes velox         AB SK   May 2000
1+ 4Marmot, Vancouver Island   Marmota vancouverensis         BCMay 2000
1 4Marten, NewfoundlandMartes americana atrata        NLMay 2000
0 2Mole, Townsend's   Scapanus townsendii         BCMay 2003
0 2Whale, Beluga   Delphinapterus leucas    Eastern Hudson Bay population  NU QC Arctic Ocean Atlantic Ocean   May 2004
0 4Whale, Beluga   Delphinapterus leucas    Ungava Bay population  QC Arctic Ocean Atlantic Ocean   May 2004
0 6Whale, Blue   Balaenoptera musculus    Atlantic population  Atlantic Ocean   May 2002
0 6Whale, Blue   Balaenoptera musculus    Pacific population   Pacific Ocean   May 2002
 Whale, Bowhead   Balaena mysticetus    Eastern Arctic population   NU Arctic Ocean   Apr 1980
 Whale, Bowhead   Balaena mysticetus    Western Arctic population YT NT NU Arctic Ocean   Apr 1986
1+ 6Whale, Killer   Orcinus orca    Northeast Pacific southern resident population  Pacific Ocean   Nov 2001
0 6Whale, North Atlantic Right   Eubalaena glacialis         Atlantic Ocean   May 2003
4Whale, North Pacific Right   Eubalaena japonica         ?    Pacific Ocean   Apr 1990
1+ 2Whale, Northern Bottlenose   Hyperoodon ampullatus    Scotian Shelf population   Atlantic Ocean   Nov 2002
0Whale, Sei   Balaenoptera borealis    Pacific population   Pacific Ocean   May 2003
0 4WolverineGulo gulo    Eastern population QC NL   May 2003
Birds (23) 
0+ 4Bobwhite, Northern   Colinus virginianus ONNov 2003
0 2Chat auricollis subspecies, Yellow-breasted   Icteria virens auricollis   ?    British Columbia population BCNov 2000
0 4Crane, Whooping   Grus americana         NT AB   Nov 2000
0 Crossbill percna subspecies, Red   Loxia curvirostra percna        NLMay 2004
0 4Curlew, Eskimo   Numenius borealis YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NL   May 2000
0 4Flycatcher, Acadian   Empidonax virescens         ONNov 2000
0?       Lark strigata subspecies, Horned   Eremophila alpestris strigata        BCNov 2003
1 4?   Owl caurina subspecies, Spotted   Strix occidentalis caurina        BCMay 2000
1 4Owl, Barn   Tyto alba    Eastern population ON QC   May 2000
1 4Owl, Burrowing   Athene cunicularia BC AB SK MB   May 2000
0 6Plover circumcinctus subspecies, Piping   Charadrius melodus circumcinctus AB SK MB ON   May 2001
0 6Plover melodus subspecies, Piping   Charadrius melodus melodus        QC NB NS PE NL   May 2001
0 6Plover, Mountain   Charadrius montanus AB SK   Nov 2000
0 4Rail, King   Rallus elegans       ONNov 2000
1 4Sage-Grouse urophasianus subspecies, Greater   Centrocercus urophasianus urophasianus        AB SK   May 2000
0 6Screech-Owl macfarlanei subspecies, Western   Megascops kennicottii macfarlanei        BC May 2002
0 4Shrike migrans subspecies, Loggerhead   Lanius ludovicianus migrans MB ON QC   Nov 2000
0 4Sparrow, Henslow's   Ammodramus henslowii         ONNov 2000
1 4Tern, Roseate   Sterna dougallii         QC NB NS   Oct 1999
0 4Thrasher, Sage   Oreoscoptes montanus     BC AB SKNov 2000
1 4Warbler, Kirtland's   Dendroica kirtlandii         ON   May 2000
1 4Warbler, Prothonotary Protonotaria citrea         ONMay 2000
0 2Woodpecker, White-headed   Picoides albolarvatus   BC   Nov 2000
Reptiles (7)
0NightsnakeHypsiglena torquata     BC    May 2001
0 4Racer, Blue   Coluber constrictor foxii        ONMay 2002
0 4Seaturtle, Leatherback   Dermochelys coriacea Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean   May 2001
0 2Skink, Prairie   Eumeces septentrionalis         MB May 2004
1 4Snake, Sharp-tailed   Contia tenuis    BCOct 1999
0 2Turtle, Spotted   Clemmys guttata         ON QC   May 2004
 Watersnake, Lake Erie   Nerodia sipedon insularum         ON   Apr 1991
Amphibians (6)      
0 4Frog, Northern Cricket   Acris crepitans         ONMay 2001
1 4Frog, Northern Leopard   Rana pipiensSouthern Mountain populationBCMay 2000
0 4Frog, Oregon Spotted   Rana pretiosa         BCMay 2000
0Frog, Rocky Mountain Tailed   Ascaphus montanus BCMay 2000
0 2Salamander, Small-mouthed   Ambystoma texanum         ON May 2004
0Salamander, Tiger   Ambystoma tigrinum    Southern Mountain population  BCNov 2001
Fishes (21)  
0 6Cod, Atlantic   Gadus morhua    Newfoundland and Labrador population   Atlantic Ocean   May 2003
1 4Dace, Nooksack   Rhinichthys sp.         BCMay 2000
0 2Dace, Speckled   Rhinichthys osculus         BCNov 2002
1 2Lamprey, Morrison Creek   Lampetra richardsoni         BCMay 2000
1+ 2Madtom, Northern   Noturus stigmosus         ONNov 2002
0Salmon, Atlantic   Salmo salar    Inner Bay of Fundy populations   NB NS Atlantic Ocean   May 2001
0Salmon, Coho   Oncorhynchus kisutch    Interior Fraser population   BC Pacific Ocean   May 2002
0 4Salmon, Sockeye   Oncorhynchus nerka    Cultus population   BC Pacific Ocean   May 2003
0 4Salmon, Sockeye   ?    Oncorhynchus nerka    Sakinaw population   BC Pacific Ocean   May 2003
0Shark, Porbeagle   Lamna nasus         Atlantic Ocean   May 2004
0 2Shiner, Pugnose   Notropis anogenus ONNov 2002
0 6Stickleback, Benthic Enos Lake   Gasterosteus sp.         BC   Nov 2002
1 2Stickleback, Benthic Paxton Lake   Gasterosteus sp.         BC   May 2000
1 2Stickleback, Benthic Vananda Creek   Gasterosteus sp.         BCMay 2000
0 6Stickleback, Limnetic Enos Lake   Gasterosteus sp.         BC   Nov 2002
1 2Stickleback, Limnetic Paxton Lake   Gasterosteus sp.         BCMay 2000
1 2Stickleback, Limnetic Vananda Creek   Gasterosteus sp.         BCMay 2000
0 2Sturgeon, White   Acipenser transmontanus         BCNov 2003
0 4Sucker, Salish   Catostomus sp BCNov 2002
0 4Trout, Aurora   Salvelinus fontinalis timagamiensis        ON May 2000
0 4Whitefish, Atlantic   Coregonus huntsmani    NSNov 2000
Arthropods (6)
0Blue, Island   Plebejus saepiolus insulanus        BCNov 2000
0Checkerspot, Taylor's   Euphydryas editha taylori BCNov 2000
0Metalmark, Mormon   Apodemia mormo    Southern Mountain population   BCMay 2003
0Moth, Sand-verbena   Copablepharon fuscum         BC Nov 2003
0Moth, Yucca   Tegeticula yuccasella         ABMay 2002
1 4Ringlet, Maritime   Coenonympha tullia nipisiquit        QC NBMay 2000
Molluscs (12)
1 4Bean, Rayed   Villosa fabalis ONMay 2000
0Forestsnail, Oregon   Allogona townsendiana     BCNov 2002
0Hickorynut, Round   Obovaria subrotunda  ONMay 2003
0Kidneyshell Ptychobranchus fasciolaris ON May 2003
1 4Lampmussel, Wavy-rayed   Lampsilis fasciola ONOct 1999
0Mussel, Mudpuppy   Simpsonaias ambigua         ONMay 2001
1 4Physa, Hotwater   Physella wrighti         BCMay 2000
0Pigtoe, Round   Pleurobema sintoxia ON   May 2004
1+ 4Riffleshell, Northern   Epioblasma torulosa rangiana  ON May 2000
1 2Snail, Banff Springs   Physella johnsoni ABMay 2000
0Snail, Lake Winnipeg Physa   Physa sp.         MB   Nov 2002
0SnuffboxEpioblasma triquetra ONMay 2001
Vascular Plants (67)
1+ 4Agalinis, Gattinger's   Agalinis gattingeri         ONMay 2001
1 4Agalinis, Skinner's   Agalinis skinneriana         ON May 2000
1 4Ammannia, Scarlet   Ammannia robusta         BC ON   May 2001
1 4Avens, Eastern Mountain   Geum peckii         NSMay 2000
1 4Balsamroot, Deltoid   Balsamorhiza deltoidea         BC May 2000
1 4BlueheartsBuchnera americana ONMay 2000
1+ 4Braya, Long's Braya longii   NLMay 2000
0Bugbane, TallActaea elata    BCMay 2001
0 2Bulrush, Bashful   Trichophorum planifolium ONMay 2000
1 4Bush-clover, Slender   Lespedeza virginica         ONMay 2000
1 4Buttercup, Water-plantain   Ranunculus alismaefolius var. alismaefolius        BCMay 2000
0ButternutJuglans cinerea         NB ON QC   Nov 2003
1 4Cactus, Eastern Prickly Pear   Opuntia humifusa ONMay 2000
0Catchfly, Coastal Scouler's   Silene scouleri ssp. grandis BCMay 2003
0Collomia, Slender   Collomia tenella BCNov 2003
1 4Coreopsis, PinkCoreopsis rosea         NSMay 2000
1 4Cryptanthe, Tiny   Cryptantha minima         AB SK   May 2000
1 4Fern, Southern Maidenhair   Adiantum capillus-veneris BCMay 2000
0 2Fringed-orchid, Eastern Prairie   Platanthera leucophaea ONMay 2003
0 4Fringed-orchid, Western Prairie   Platanthera praeclara         MBMay 2000
0 4Gentian, White Prairie   Gentiana alba      ONMay 2001
1 4Ginseng, American   Panax quinquefolius      ON QC   May 2000
1+ 2Goat's-rue, Virginia   Tephrosia virginiana ONMay 2000
1 4Goldenrod, Showy   Solidago speciosa ONMay 2000
0Grass, Forked Three-awned   Aristida basiramea    ON QCNov 2002
1 4Lady's-slipper, Small White   Cypripedium candidum         MB ON   May 2000
0 2Lipocarpha, Small-flowered   Lipocarpha micrantha         BC ON   Nov 2002
1 4Lotus, Seaside Birds-foot   Lotus formosissimus         BC   May 2000
1 4Lousewort, Furbish's   Pedicularis furbishiae         NBMay 2000
1 4Lupine, Prairie   Lupinus lepidus var. lepidus        BC   May 2000
0Lupine, Streambank Lupinus rivularis BC  Nov 2002
1 4Milkwort, Pink   Polygala incarnata         ON   May 2000
1 4Mountain-mint, Hoary   Pycnanthemum incanum         ONMay 2000
1 4Mulberry, Red   Morus rubra ON   May 2000
1 4Owl-clover, Bearded   Triphysaria versicolor ssp. versicolor        BCMay 2000
0Owl-clover, Rosy   Orthocarpus bracteosus         BCMay 2004
1+ 2Paintbrush, Golden   Castilleja levisecta         BCMay 2000
1 4Plantain, Heart-leaved   Plantago cordata         ONMay 2000
1 4Pogonia, Large Whorled   Isotria verticillata         ONMay 2000
1 4Pogonia, Nodding   Triphora trianthophora         ONMay 2000
1 4Pogonia, Small Whorled   Isotria medeoloides         ON   May 2000
0Pussytoes, StoloniferousAntennaria flagellaris         BC   May 2004
0 4Quillwort, Engelmann's   Isoëtes engelmannii         ON May 2001
0Rush, Kellogg's   Juncus kelloggii         BCMay 2003
0Sand-verbena, Pink   Abronia umbellata BCMay 2004
0 2Sand-verbena, Small-flowered   Tripterocalyx micranthus       AB SKNov 2002
0Sandwort, Dwarf   Minuartia pusilla BCMay 2004
0Sanicle, Bear's-foot   Sanicula arctopoides   BCMay 2001
1 2Sedge, False Hop   Carex lupuliformis     ON QC   May 2000
1 4Sedge, Juniper Carex juniperorum ONMay 2000
0Spike-rush, Horsetail   Eleocharis equisetoides ONNov 2000
0 4Sundew, Thread-leaved   Drosera filiformis         NSMay 2001
1 4Thistle, Pitcher'sCirsium pitcheri ON   May 2000
0Tonella, Small-flowered   Tonella tenella     BCNov 2003
1 4Toothcup  Rotala ramosior         BC ONMay 2000
1 4Tree, Cucumber   Magnolia acuminata ONMay 2000
0Trefoil, Bog Bird's-foot   Lotus pinnatus  BCMay 2004
1 4Trillium, DroopingTrillium flexipes ONMay 2000
0Triteleia, Howell's   Triteleia howellii BCMay 2003
1+ 4Twayblade, Purple   Liparis liliifolia    ONMay 2001
0 2Violet, Bird's-foot   Viola pedata   ONMay 2002
0Willow, Barrens   Salix jejuna NL May 2001
1 4Wintergreen, Spotted   Chimaphila maculata         ON QC   May 2000
1+ 4Wood-poppy   Stylophorum diphyllum         ONMay 2000
1 2Woodsia, Blunt-lobedWoodsia obtusa ON QC   May 2000
0Woolly-heads, Dwarf   Psilocarphus brevissimus BC Nov 2003
0Woolly-heads, Tall   Psilocarphus elatior    Pacific population   BCMay 2001
Mosses (5)
0Moss, Margined Streamside   Scouleria marginata         BCNov 2002
0Moss, Poor Pocket   Fissidens pauperculus BCNov 2001
1+ 2Moss, Rigid AppleBartramia stricta BCMay 2000
0Moss, Silver Hair   Fabronia pusilla BCNov 2002
0Moss, Spoon-leaved   Bryoandersonia illecebra ONMay 2003
Lichens (2)
0Lichen, Boreal Felt   Erioderma pedicellatum    Atlantic population   NB NS   May 2002
1 4Seaside Centipede   Heterodermia sitchensis         BCMay 2000

[1]Explanation of status change symbols for reassessed species
0 or 0+: Assessment based on a new status report or an update status report. A plus sign (+) indicates the report has an addendum or that the report has been modified.
1 or 1+: Species re-assessed using an existing status report. A plus sign (+) indicates the report has an addendum or that the report has been modified.
2: Species placed in a higher risk category after reassessment on the date shown.
3: Species placed in a lower risk category after reassessment on the date shown.
4: Species stays in the same category after reassessment on the date shown.
5: Species moved to the Data Deficient category from a risk category, or to a risk category from the Data Deficient category on the date shown.
6: Species that has been assigned to a different designatable unit than previously on the date shown.
7: Species moved to the Not at Risk category from a risk category on the date shown.
(no symbol) New species examined on the date shown.