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COSEWIC Annual Report 2004

COSEWIC Assessment Results (continue)


Range of
Mammals (14)
0 2Bat, Pallid   Antrozous pallidus         BCMay 2000
0Bison, Plains   Bison bison bison BC AB SK MB   May 2004
0 4Bison, Wood   Bison bison athabascae  YT NT BC AB   May 2000
0 4Caribou, Woodland   Rangifer tarandus caribou Boreal population   NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NL   May 2002
0 4Caribou, Woodland   Rangifer tarandus caribou   Southern Mountain population   BC AB   May 2002
0 2Ermine
haidarum subspecies   
Mustela erminea haidarum        BCMay 2001
0 2Fox, Grey   Urocyon cinereoargenteus         MB ON   May 2002
1 4Otter, Sea   Enhydra lutris BC Pacific Ocean   May 2000
1+ 4Shrew, Pacific Water   Sorex bendirii         BCMay 2000
0 6Whale, Beluga   Delphinapterus leucas    Cumberland Sound population   NU Arctic OceanMay 2004
0 3Whale, Beluga   Delphinapterus leucas    St. Lawrence Estuary population QC Atlantic Ocean   May 2004
0 4Whale, Humpback   Megaptera novaeangliae    North Pacific population   Pacific Ocean   May 2003
1+ 6Whale, Killer   Orcinus orca    Northeast Pacific
northern resident population   
Pacific Ocean   Nov 2001
1+ 2Whale, Killer   Orcinus orca    Northeast Pacific
transient population 
Pacific Ocean   Nov 2001
Birds (10) 
0Albatross, Short-tailed   Phoebastria albatrus         BC Nov 2003
1 2Bittern, Least   Ixobrychus exilis         MB ON QC NB   Nov 2001
1 4Falcon anatum
subspecies, Peregrine   
Falco peregrinus anatum        YT NT NU BC AB SK
May 2000
0 2Goshawk laingi
subspecies, Northern   
Accipiter gentilis laingi        BCNov 2000
1 2Gull, Ross's   Rhodostethia rosea NT NU MBNov 2001
0 4Murrelet, Marbled   Brachyramphus marmoratus BCNov 2000
1 4Pipit, Sprague's   Anthus spragueii AB SK MBMay 2000
0Shearwater, Pink-footedPuffinus creatopus BCMay 2004
0 4Shrike excubitorides
subspecies, Loggerhead
Lanius ludovicianus excubitorides  AB SK MB   May 2004
0 4?   Warbler, Hooded   Wilsonia citrina ONNov 2000
Reptiles (12)
1 4Foxsnake, Eastern   Elaphe gloydi         ONMay 2000

1 2Gartersnake, Butler's   Thamnophis butleri         ONNov 2001
0Gophersnake, Great Basin   Pituophis catenifer deserticola BCMay 2002
0 4Massasauga   Sistrurus catenatus         ONNov 2002
1 4Ratsnake, Eastern   Elaphe obsoleta ON   May 2000
0Rattlesnake, Western   Crotalus oreganus         BCMay 2004
0Ribbonsnake, Eastern   Thamnophis sauritus    Atlantic population NS   May 2002
1 2Snake, Eastern Hog-nosed   Heterodon platirhinos ON   Nov 2001
1 4Snake, Queen   Regina septemvittata ON May 2000
0 4Softshell, Spiny   Apalone spinifera         ON QC   May 2002
0Stinkpot Sternotherus odoratus         ON QC   May 2002
 Turtle, Blanding's   Emydoidea blandingii    Nova Scotia population NS   Apr 1993
Amphibians (5)  
1+ 2Salamander, Allegheny Mountain Dusky   Desmognathus ochrophaeus QC Nov 2001
0 2Salamander, Coastal Giant Dicamptodon tenebrosus BCNov 2000
0Salamander, Jefferson   Ambystoma jeffersonianum ON Nov 2000
1 2Spadefoot, Great Basin   Spea intermontana BCNov 2001
1+ 4Toad, Fowler's Bufo fowleri ONNov 2000
Fishes (22)
0Bocaccio   Sebastes paucispinis Pacific Ocean   Nov 2002
1+ 2Chubsucker, LakeErimyzon sucetta ONNov 2001
 Cisco, Blackfin Coregonus nigripinnis ON Apr 1988
0 4Cisco, Shortjaw   Coregonus zenithicus         NT AB SK MB ONMay 2003
 Cisco, Shortnose   Coregonus reighardi         ONApr 1987
0 6Cod, Atlantic   Gadus morhuaLaurentian North populationAtlantic Ocean   May 2003
0Cusk   Brosme brosme  Atlantic Ocean   May 2003
0 4Darter, ChannelPercina copelandi ON QCMay 2002
1+ 4Darter, Eastern Sand   Ammocrypta pellucida         ON QC   Nov 2000
1 2Gar, Spotted   Lepisosteus oculatus         ONNov 2000
1 2Lamprey, Cowichan Lake   Lampetra macrostoma  BCNov 2000
1+ 2Minnow, Western Silvery   Hybognathus argyritis         ABNov 2001
 Redhorse, Black   Moxostoma duquesnei         ON   Apr 1988
  Redhorse, Copper   Moxostoma hubbsi QCApr 1987
1 2Sculpin, Cultus Pygmy   Cottus sp. BCNov 2000
 Sculpin, Deepwater   Myoxocephalus thompsoni    Great Lakes populationsONApr 1987
0 4Sculpin, Shorthead   Cottus confusus      BCMay 2001
1 2Shiner, Carmine   Notropis percobromus MBNov 2001
1 4Smelt, Lake Utopia Dwarf   Osmerus sp. NB   May 2000
 Whitefish, Lake   Coregonus clupeaformis    Lake Simcoe populationONApr 1987
0Wolffish, Northern   Anarhichas denticulatus Arctic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean    
May 2001
0Wolffish, Spotted   Anarhichas minor         Arctic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean   
May 2001
Arthropods (5)
0Hairstreak, Behr's (Columbia)   Satyrium behrii columbia        BC    Nov 2000
0Metalmark, Mormon   Apodemia mormo    Prairie population   SKMay 2003
0Skipper, Dakota   Hesperia dacotae MB SK   Nov 2003
0Skipper, Dun   Euphyes vestris    Western population   BC    Nov 2000
0Skipperling, Poweshiek   Oarisma poweshiek         MB Nov 2003
Molluscs (2)
1 4Abalone, Northern   Haliotis kamtschatkana    Pacific Ocean   May 2000
0Jumping-slug, Dromedary   Hemphillia dromedarius    BCMay 2003
Vascular Plants (41)
0 4Aster, Anticosti   Symphyotrichum anticostense QC NBMay 2000
1 2Aster, Crooked-stem   Symphyotrichum prenanthoides    ONMay 2002
0 2?   Aster, Gulf of St. Lawrence   Symphyotrichum laurentianum QC NB PE   May 2004
0 2Aster, Western Silvery   Symphyotrichum sericeum MB ON   May 2000
0 4Aster, White Wood   Eurybia divaricata    ON QCNov 2002
1+ 4Aster, White-top   Sericocarpus rigidus BC   May 2000
1 2Aster, Willowleaf   Symphyotrichum praealtum    ONMay 2003
0 2Bartonia, Branched   Bartonia paniculata ssp. paniculata  ONNov 2003
0 2Blazing Star, Dense   Liatris spicata         ONMay 2001
0 4Blue-flag, Western   Iris missouriensis    ABMay 2000
1 4Braya, Fernald's   Braya fernaldii NLMay 2000
1 2BuffalograssBuchloë dactyloides SK MBNov 2001
 Chestnut, American   Castanea dentata ON Apr 1987
0 4Coffee-tree, Kentucky Gymnocladus dioicus         ONNov 2000
0 4ColicrootAletris farinosa    ONNov 2000
0Corydalis, Scouler's   Corydalis scouleri BCMay 2001
0Daisy, Lakeside   Hymenoxys herbacea ON  May 2002
0 4Deerberry   Vaccinium stamineum ONNov 2000
0Fern, Lemmon's Holly   Polystichum lemmonii     BC   May 2003
1 4Gentian, PlymouthSabatia kennedyana NSMay 2000
0 2Gentian, Victorin's   Gentianopsis procera spp.
macounii var. victorinii       
 QCMay 2004
1 4Golden Crest   Lophiola aurea    NSMay 2000
0 4Goldenseal Hydrastis canadensis         ONMay 2000
1+ 4Greenbrier, Round-leaved   Smilax rotundifolia    Great Lakes
Plains population 
ON May 2001
0 2Hackberry, Dwarf Celtis tenuifolia ON   Nov 2003
0 2Hoptree, Common   Ptelea trifoliata  ONNov 2002
0 2Hyacinth, Wild   Camassia scilloides ON May 2002
0 4Jacob's-ladder, Van Brunt's   Polemonium vanbruntiae         QC Nov 2002
0Lily, Lyall's Mariposa   Calochortus lyallii BCMay 2001
1 4Mosquito-fern, Mexican   Azolla mexicana    BCMay 2000
1+ 3Mouse-ear-cress, Slender   Halimolobos virgata   AB SK   May 2000
0 2Orchid, Phantom   Cephalanthera austiniae BCMay 2000
1+ 4Prairie-clover, Hairy   Dalea villosa var. villosa  SK MB   May 2000
1 4 Redroot   Lachnanthes caroliana         NSMay 2000
0Sanicle, Purple   Sanicula bipinnatifida   BCMay 2001
0 2SoapweedYucca glauca AB May 2000
0 2Spiderwort, Western   Tradescantia occidentalis         AB SK MB Nov 2002
0Spike-rush, Tubercled   Eleocharis tuberculosa NSMay 2000
1 4Violet, Yellow Montane   Viola praemorsa ssp. praemorsa        BCMay 2000
1 4Water-pennywort   Hydrocotyle umbellata NSMay 2000
0 4Water-willow, American   Justicia americana         ON QCMay 2000
Mosses (2)
0Bryum, Porsild's   Mielichhoferia macrocarpa AB BC NL NUNov 2003
0Moss, Haller's Apple   Bartramia halleriana         BC AB   Nov 2001
Lichens (1)
0Jellyskin, Flooded   Leptogium rivulare MB ON   May 2004

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Range of

Mammals (26)                
0 4Bat, Spotted   Euderma maculatum         BC May 2004
0 4Bear, Grizzly   Ursus arctosNorthwestern population   YT NT NU BC AB   May 2002
1+ 4Bear, Polar   Ursus maritimus YT NT NU MB ON QC NL   Nov 2002
1 4Beaver, Mountain   Aplodontia rufa         BC   Nov 2001
0 6Caribou, Barren-ground   Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus   Dolphin and Union population   NT NU   May 2004
0 2Caribou, Woodland   Rangifer tarandus caribou   Northern Mountain population   YT NT BC   May 2002
 Cottontail nuttallii subspecies, Nuttall's   Sylvilagus nuttallii nuttallii        BC Apr 1994
 Kangaroo Rat, Ord's   Dipodomys ordii         AB SK   Apr 1995
1 4Mole, Eastern   Scalopus aquaticus   ONNov 2000
 Mouse megalotis subspecies, Western Harvest   Reithrodontomys megalotis megalotis        BCApr 1994
0 3Porpoise, Harbour   Phocoena phocoena    Northwest Atlantic population   Atlantic Ocean   May 2003
0 5Porpoise, Harbour   Phocoena phocoena    Pacific Ocean population   Pacific Ocean   Nov 2003
1 4Prairie Dog, Black-tailed   Cynomys ludovicianus    SK   Nov 2000
0 2Sea Lion, Steller   Eumetopias jubatus   BC Pacific Ocean   Nov 2003
 Seal Lacs des Loups Marins  subspecies, Harbour   Phoca vitulina mellonae        QC  Apr 1996
 Shrew, Gaspé   Sorex gaspensis         QC NB NS   Apr 1988
 Squirrel, Southern Flying   Glaucomys volans         ON QC NS   Apr 1988
1 4Vole, WoodlandMicrotus pinetorum ON QC  Nov 2001
0 4Whale, Beluga   Delphinapterus leucas    Eastern High Arctic - Baffin Bay population   NU Arctic Ocean   May 2004
0 6Whale, Beluga   Delphinapterus leucas    Western Hudson Bay population   MB NU ON Arctic
Ocean Atlantic Ocean   
May 2004
 Whale, Fin   Balaenoptera physalus         Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean   Apr 1987
0 2Whale, Grey   Eschrichtius robustus    Eastern North Pacific population   Pacific Ocean Arctic Ocean   May 2004
1+Whale, Killer   Orcinus orca    Northeast Pacific offshore population   Pacific Ocean   Nov 2001
 Whale, Sowerby's Beaked   Mesoplodon bidens         Atlantic Ocean   Apr 1989
0 5Wolf, Eastern   Canis lupus lycaon        ON QC   May 2001
0 4WolverineGulo gulo    Western population   YT NT NU BC
May 2003
Birds (22)
0 4Chat virens subspecies, Yellow-breasted   Icteria virens virens        ON Nov 2000
0 4Curlew, Long-billed   Numenius americanus   BC AB SK   Nov 2002
0 3Duck, Harlequin   Histrionicus histrionicus    Eastern population   NU QC NB NS NL   May 2001
1 4Falcon pealei subspecies, Peregrine   Falco peregrinus pealei        BC   Nov 2001
3Falcon tundrius subspecies, Peregrine   Falco peregrinus tundrius        YT NT NU QC NL   Apr 1992
0Goldeneye, Barrow's   Bucephala islandica    Eastern population   QC NB NS PE NL   Nov 2000
1 4Gull, Ivory   Pagophila eburnea         ?    YT NT NU NLNov 2001
3Hawk, Ferruginous   Buteo regalis         AB SK MB   Apr 1995

4Hawk, Red-shouldered   Buteo lineatus         ON QC NB   Apr 1996
 Heron fannini subspecies, Great Blue   Ardea herodias fannini        BCApr 1997
 Murrelet, Ancient   Synthliboramphus antiquus          BC   Apr 1993
1 4Owl, Barn   Tyto alba    Western population   BC Nov 2001
1 4Owl, FlammulatedOtus flammeolus         BC Nov 2001
 Owl, Short-eared   Asio flammeus         YT NT NU BC AB SK
Apr 1994
1 4Rail, Yellow   Coturnicops noveboracensis         NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NB   Nov 2001
0 6Screech-Owl kennicottii subspecies, Western   Megascops kennicottii kennicottii        BC   May 2002
0 4Sparrow princeps subspecies, Savannah   Passerculus sandwichensis princeps        NS   May 2000
 Thrush, Bicknell's   Catharus bicknelli         QC NB NS   Apr 1999
0 4Warbler, Cerulean   Dendroica cerulea         ON QC   May 2003
4Waterthrush, Louisiana   Seiurus motacilla         ON QC   Apr 1996
1 4Woodpecker, Lewis's   Melanerpes lewis BCNov 2001
 Woodpecker, Red-headed   Melanerpes erythrocephalus         SK MB ON QC   Apr 1996
Reptiles (9)                
0Boa, Rubber   Charina bottae         BCMay 2003
 Lizard, Greater Short-horned   Phrynosoma hernandesi         AB SK   Apr 1992
0MilksnakeLampropeltis triangulum         ON QC   May 2002
 Racer, Eastern Yellow-bellied   Coluber constrictor flaviventris        SK   Apr 1991
0Ribbonsnake, Eastern   Thamnophis sauritus    Great Lakes population   ONMay 2002
 Skink, Five-lined   Eumeces fasciatus         ON   Apr 1998
0Skink, Western   Eumeces skiltonianus         BC May 2002
0Turtle, Northern Map   Graptemys geographica         ON QC   May 2002
 Turtle, Wood   Glyptemys insculpta         ON QC NB NS   Apr 1996
Amphibians (7)
0Frog, Coast Tailed   Ascaphus truei         BCMay 2000
1 4Frog, Northern Leopard   Rana pipiensWestern Boreal/Prairie populations   NT AB SK MB   Nov 2002
1 4Frog, Red-legged   Rana aurora BCMay 2002
1+ 4?   Salamander, Coeur d'Alene   Plethodon idahoensis         BCNov 2001
1 4Salamander, Spring   Gyrinophilus porphyriticus         ON QC   May 2002
1 4Toad, Great Plains   Bufo cognatus       AB SK MB   May 2002
0Toad, WesternBufo boreaS YT NT BC AB   Nov 2002
Fishes (29)            
 Buffalo, Bigmouth   Ictiobus cyprinellus         SK MB ON   Apr 1989
 Buffalo, Black   Ictiobus niger         ONApr 1989
0 4Chub, Silver   Macrhybopsis storeriana         MB ON   May 2001
  Cisco, Spring   Coregonus sp.         QC   Apr 1992
0 6Cod, Atlantic   Gadus morhua    Arctic population   Arctic Ocean   May 2003
0 6Cod, Atlantic   Gadus morhua    Maritimes population   Atlantic Ocean   May 2003
 Dace, Redside   Clinostomus elongatus         ON   Apr 1987
 Dace, Umatilla   Rhinichthys umatilla         BCApr 1988
 Darter, Greenside   Etheostoma blennioides         ON Apr 1990
0 4?   Killifish, Banded   Fundulus diaphanus    Newfoundland population   NLMay 2003
  Kiyi   Coregonus kiyi         ON  Apr 1988
 Lamprey, Chestnut   Ichthyomyzon castaneus         SK MB   Apr 1991
 Lamprey, Northern Brook   Ichthyomyzon fossor         MB ON QC   Apr 1991
0 4Minnow, Pugnose   Opsopoeodus emiliae         ON   May 2000
4Redhorse, River   Moxostoma carinatum         ON QC   Apr 1987
0Sculpin, Columbia Mottled   Cottus bairdi hubbsi        BCMay 2000
1+ 4Shiner, Bridle   Notropis bifrenatus         ON QC   Nov 2001
4Shiner, Silver   Notropis photogenis ON   Apr 1987
 Stickleback, Charlotte Unarmoured   Gasterosteus sp. BC Apr 1983
 Stickleback, Giant   Gasterosteus sp.         BC   Apr 1980
 Sturgeon, Green   Acipenser medirostris         BCApr 1987
 Sturgeon, Shortnose   Acipenser brevirostrum         NB  Apr 1980
1+ 4Sucker, Spotted   Minytrema melanops         ONNov 2001
 Sunfish, Orangespotted Lepomis humilis         ONApr 1989
 Sunfish, Redbreast   Lepomis auritus         NB Apr 1989
0 4Topminnow, Blackstripe   Fundulus notatus         ONMay 2001
1+ 4WarmouthLepomis gulosus         ON Nov 2001
 Whitefish, Squanga   Coregonus sp.         YTApr 1987
0Wolffish, Atlantic   Anarhichas lupus         Atlantic Ocean   Nov 2000
Arthropods (2)                
1 4Monarch Danaus plexippus         BC AB SK MB
Nov 2001
0Weidemeyer's Admiral   Limenitis weidemeyerii         AB May 2000
Molluscs (4)                
0Jumping-slug, Warty   Hemphillia glandulosa         BCMay 2003
0Lampmussel, Yellow   Lampsilis cariosa         NB NS   May 2004
0Mussel, Rocky Mountain Ridged   Gonidea angulata         BC   Nov 2003
0Oyster, Olympia   Ostrea conchaphila    BCNov 2000
Vascular Plants (35)
0 3Ash, Blue   Fraxinus quadrangulata         ON Nov 2000
 Aster, Bathurst   Symphyotrichum subulatum    Bathurst population   NBApr 1992
0Beggarticks, Vancouver Island   Bidens amplissima         BCNov 2001
 Bulrush, Long's   Scirpus longii NSApr 1994
 Columbo, American   Frasera caroliniensis         ONApr 1993
0Fern, American Hart's-tongue   Asplenium scolopendrium         ON    Nov 2000
 Fern, Broad Beech   Phegopteris hexagonoptera ON QCApr 1983
0 4Fern, Coastal Wood   Dryopteris arguta         BC  Nov 2001
 Fleabane, Provancher's   Erigeron philadelphicus var. provancheri QC Apr 1992
0Goldenrod, Riddell's   Solidago riddellii         MB ON    Nov 2000
 Goosefoot, Smooth   Chenopodium subglabrum         AB SK MB   Apr 1992
 Green DragonArisaema dracontium         ON QC   Apr 1984
1 4Hairgrass, Mackenzie   Deschampsia mackenzieana         SK   Nov 2001
3Helleborine, Giant   Epipactis gigantea         BCApr 1998
1+ 4?   Indian-plantain, Tuberous   Arnoglossum plantagineum         ONMay 2002
0 4Lilaeopsis, Eastern   Lilaeopsis chinensis         NS May 2004
 Locoweed, Hare-footed   Oxytropis lagopus         ABApr 1995
 Meadowfoam, Macoun's   Limnanthes macounii         BCApr 1988
1 4Milk-vetch, Fernald's   Astragalus robbinsii var. fernaldii QC NL   Nov 2001
1Oak, Shumard   Quercus shumardii         ONApr 1999
1+ 3Pepperbush, Sweet   Clethra alnifolia         NS May 2001
 Pondweed, Hill's   Potamogeton hillii ONApr 1986
 Quillwort, Bolander's   Isoëtes bolanderi AB Apr 1995
1+ 3Rose, Climbing Prairie   Rosa setigera   ON   May 2003
 Rose-mallow, Swamp   Hibiscus moscheutos         ONApr 1987
 Rue-anemone, False   Enemion biternatum         ON   Apr 1990
0 4Rush, New Jersey   Juncus caesariensis         NS  May 2004
0Tansy, Floccose   Tanacetum huronense var. floccosum        SK May 2000
1 4Thrift, Athabasca   Armeria maritima ssp. interior        SK   May 2002
0 4Water-hemlock, Victorin's   Cicuta maculata var. victorinii        QC   May 2004
0Willow, Felt-leaf   Salix silicicola         NU SK   May 2000
0 Willow, Sand-dune Short-capsuled   Salix brachycarpa var. psammophila  SK May 2000
0Willow, Turnor's   Salix turnorii         SKMay 2000
0Woolly-heads, Tall   Psilocarphus elatior    Prairie population   AB SK   May 2001
0Yarrow, Large-headed Woolly   Achillea millefolium var. megacephalum        SKMay 2000
Mosses (2)                   
0Moss, Columbian Carpet   Bryoerythrophyllum columbianum         BC   May 2004
0Moss, Twisted Oak   Syntrichia laevipila         BC   May 2004
Lichens (4)               
 Cryptic Paw   Nephroma occultum         BCApr 1995
0Lichen, Boreal Felt   Erioderma pedicellatum    Boreal population   NL May 2002
 Oldgrowth SpecklebellyPseudocyphellaria rainierensis          BC   Apr 1996
 Seaside Bone   Hypogymnia heterophylla         BCApr 19965

[1]Explanation of status change symbols for reassessed species
0 or 0+: Assessment based on a new status report or an update status report. A plus sign (+) indicates the report has an addendum or that the report has been modified.
1 or 1+: Species re-assessed using an existing status report. A plus sign (+) indicates the report has an addendum or that the report has been modified.
2: Species placed in a higher risk category after reassessment on the date shown.
3: Species placed in a lower risk category after reassessment on the date shown.
4: Species stays in the same category after reassessment on the date shown.
5: Species moved to the Data Deficient category from a risk category, or to a risk category from the Data Deficient category on the date shown.
6: Species that has been assigned to a different designatable unit than previously on the date shown.
7: Species moved to the Not at Risk category from a risk category on the date shown.
(no symbol) New species examined on the date shown.