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COSEWIC Assessment and Update Status Report on the Wood-poppy in Canada

COSEWIC Assessment Summary

Assessment Summary – November 2007

Common name : Wood-poppy

Scientific name : Stylophorum diphyllum

Status : Endangered

Reason for designation : A showy perennial herb of Carolinian woodlands restricted to 3 small and highly fragmented populations occupying very limited areas. The habitat is declining in quality due to the presence of invasive plants and habitat disruption due to recreational activities that increase the risk of trampling. Further potential habitat disruption may occur with the expansion of housing development and other commercial activities adjacent to two of the sites. The species is widely available from nurseries but garden-grown plants cultivated in Canada likely originate from U.S. stocks. Cultivated plants are not included in the COSEWIC assessment.

Occurrence : Ontario

Status history : Designated Endangered in April 1993. Status re-examined and confirmed in May 2000 and November 2007. Last assessment based on an update status report.