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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Banded Cord-moss in Canada

Summary of Status Report

The banded cord-moss is a small species that typically grows in seasonally wet habitats on soil amongst other mosses. Although this species is often reported as an annual, it may, in fact, be perennial or pauciperennial. In Canada, Entosthodon fascicularis has been reported at 15 sites in British Columbia, with most of the sites along the south-central coast of the province, and one population in the Kootenay Region in eastern British Columbia. Only two of the known sites were confirmed in recent surveys, although five new sites are reported here. The species may be more common in available habitat than records suggest, but its short season of appearance as small populations make confirmation of this difficult. The Canadian populations are the northernmost locations for a species that has a very restricted distribution in North America.