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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Banded Cord-moss in Canada



Entosthodon fascicularis is a small, erect-growing moss that grows in patches on seasonally wet soil amongst other mosses and vascular plants.

Reproduction and Dispersal

The production of sporophytes by Entosthodon fascicularis is common in Canadian populations and spores are probably of importance in the short-range dispersal of this species, especially into open areas. Although usually considered short-lived, Entosthodon fascicularis may be perennial or pauciperennial (short-lived perennial) in nature (personal observations by T. McIntosh and by O. Ceska). W. Miles collected mature plants and a small amount of soil, litter, and associated plants from the Uplands site in early 2003. These were sent to T. McIntosh who kept the plants alive into 2004, during which time some of the same plants completed one life cycle. Many small buds are found on underground stems and may persist from year to year, but this aspect of their life history needs further research.