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COSEWIC Assessment and Update Status Report on the Deepwater Sculpin (Western and Great Lakes-Western St. Lawrence Populations) in Canada


We are greatly in debt to Dr. William Franzin and Douglas Watkinson of the Freshwater Institute for logistic support and advice while conducting the 2004 survey for deepwater sculpin. Dave Boguski was an amazing field assistant who put in countless hours on lake sampling for deepwater sculpin after helping prepare for our numerous field trips during the 2004 survey. We are grateful for comments from the reviewers in range jurisdictions where deepwater sculpin occur. Fisheries and Oceans provided financial support during the course of this research, making the assembly of this updated status report possible. The Northern Scientific Training Project also provided funding.  Ken Stewart was always willing to give advice during the preparation of this report. Finally, we are thankful to COSEWIC for funding this report.

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