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Canada-British Columbia Agreement On Species At Risk

13.0 Agreements, Permits and Other Instruments

  1. The Parties agree to share information and may collaborate on the entering into and on the issuance, making or preparation of the following agreements, permits and other instruments that authorize a person to engage in activity affecting a listed wildlife species, any part of its critical habitat or the residences of its individuals in British Columbia:
    1. agreements or permits that are entered into or issued under section 73 of the SARA, and agreements, permits, licences, orders or other similar documents that are entered into, issued or made under another Act of Parliament and that have the same effect as agreements or permits under section 73 of the SARA.
    2. agreements or permits that are issued under the Wildlife Act or the Forests and Range Practices Act and that have the same effect as permits under section 73 of the SARA.
    3. recovery strategies, action plans or management plans that permit activities under subsection 83(4) of the SARA.
  2. The Parties may agree to future collaborative development of operational guidelines for the issuance of permits and other instruments referred to above.

14.0 Enforcement

  1. The Parties agree that coordination of enforcement activities could provide both federal and provincial enforcement agencies flexibility in dealing with the enforcement of their respective species at risk laws.
  2. Each Party recognizes that the cross-designation of officers for enforcement of their respective species at risk legislation to the other Party may assist in the protection of species at risk and their habitats.
  3. As part of the implementation of this Agreement, the Parties will further examine the merits of such arrangements and may enter into a subsidiary agreement on enforcement.

15.0 Communications and Outreach

  1. The Parties agree to cooperate on communication products and commit to keeping each other informed on all aspects of their respective programs concerning species at risk.
  2. The Parties agree to recognize each other’s contributions for jointly developed material and programs related to species at risk.
  3. The Parties agree to involve each other in consultation processes relating to species at risk programming in the province of British Columbia.
  4. The Parties agree to use mechanisms defined within their respective legislation to report regularly on achievement of their species at risk program objectives.