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Canada-British Columbia Agreement On Species At Risk

Appendix A: Accord For The Protection Of Species At Risk

Federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for wildlife commit to a national approach for the protection of species at risk. The goal is to prevent species in Canada from becoming extinct as a consequence of human activity.

We recognize that:

  1. species do not recognize jurisdictional boundaries and cooperation is crucial to the conservation and protection of species at risk;
  2. the conservation of species at risk is a key component of the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy, which aims to conserve biological diversity in Canada;
  3. governments have a leadership role in providing sound information and appropriate measures for the conservation and protection of species at risk, and the effective involvement of all Canadians is essential;
  4. species conservation initiatives will be met through complementary federal and provincial/territorial legislation, regulations, policies, and programs;
  5. stewardship activities contributing to the conservation of species should be supported as an integral element in preventing species from becoming at risk; and
  6. lack of full scientific certainty must not be used as a reason to delay measures to avoid or minimize threats to species at risk.

We agree to:

  1. participate in the Canadian Endangered Species Conservation Council in order to coordinate our activities and resolve issues for the protection of species at risk in Canada;
  2. recognize the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada as a source of independent advice on the status of species at risk nationally; and
  3. establish complementary legislation and programs that provide for effective protection of species at risk throughout Canada, and that will:
    1. address all native wild species;
    2. provide an independent process for assessing the status of species at risk;
    3. legally designate species as threatened or endangered;
    4. provide immediate legal protection for threatened or endangered species;
    5. provide protection for the habitat of threatened or endangered species;
    6. provide for the development of recovery plans within one year for endangered species and two years for threatened species that address the identified threats to the species and its habitat;
    7. ensure multi-jurisdictional cooperation for the protection of species that cross borders through the development and implementation of recovery plans;
    8. consider the needs of species at risk as part of environmental assessment processes;
    9. implement recovery plans in a timely fashion;
    10. monitor, assess and report regularly on the status of all wild species;
    11. emphasize preventive measures to keep species from becoming at risk;
    12. improve awareness of the needs of species at risk;
    13. encourage citizens to participate in conservation and protection actions;
    14. recognize, foster and support effective and long term stewardship by resource users and managers, landowners, and other citizens; and
    15. provide for effective enforcement.
  4. refer any disputes that may arise under this Accord to the Canadian Endangered Species Conservation Council for resolution.
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