The Minister of the Environment's Response to Species at Risk Assessments Submitted by COSEWIC in 2012

Table 1: Terrestrial species recentlyassessed by COSEWIC eligible for addition to Schedule 1 or reclassification
TaxonSpeciesScientific NameRangeConsultation Path
Extirpated (1)
ArthropodsAmerican Burying BeetleNicrophorus americanusON QCNormal
Endangered (3)
Vascular PlantsYukon DrabaDraba yukonensisYTNormal
ArthropodsOkanagan EfferiaEfferia okanaganaBCNormal
AmphibiansNorthern Dusky Salamander (Carolinian population)Desmognathus fuscusONNormal
Threatened (1)
Vascular PlantsEastern BaccharisBaccharis halimifoliaNSNormal
Special Concern (5)
MolluscsMagnum MantleslugMagnipelta mycophagaBCNormal
BirdsBaird’s SparrowAmmodramus bairdiiAB MB SKNormal
BirdsBuff-breasted SandpiperTryngites subruficollisAB BC MB NT NU ON QC SK YTExtended
MammalsCollared PikaOchotona collarisBC NT YTExtended
MammalsGrizzly Bear (Western population)Ursus arctosAB BC MB NT NU SK YTExtended
Up-lists from Special Concern to Endangered (1)
BirdsYellow-breasted Chat virens subspeciesIcteria virens virensONNormal
Up-lists from Special Concern to Threatened (2)
BirdsWestern Screech-Owl kennicottii subspeciesMegascops kennicottii kennicottiiBCNormal
MammalsBlack-tailed Prairie DogCynomys ludovicianusSKNormal
Up-lists from Threatened to Endangered (1)
ArthropodsBehr’s HairstreakSatyrium behriiBCNormal
Eligible for de-listing - Threatened to Not at Risk (1)
BirdsHooded WarblerSetophaga citrinaONNormal
Down-lists from Threatened to Special Concern (3)
Vascular PlantsBuffalograssBouteloua dactyloidesMB SKNormal
Vascular PlantsGoldencrestLophiola aureaNSNormal
Vascular PlantsHairy Prairie-cloverDalea villosaMB SKNormal
Down-lists from Endangered to Threatened (2)
Vascular PlantsTiny CryptanthaCryptantha minimaAB SKNormal
BirdsWestern Screech-Owl macfarlanei subspeciesMegascops kennicottii macfarlaneiBCNormal

Table 2: Terrestrial species recently reassessed by COSEWIC (no consultations – species status confirmation)
TaxonSpeciesScientific NameRangeConsultation Path
Extirpated (3)
MossesIncurved Grizzled MossPtychomitrium incurvumONNone; status confirmation
ReptilesPacific Gopher SnakePituophis catenifer cateniferBCNone; status confirmation
ReptilesPacific Pond TurtleActinemys marmorataBCNone; status confirmation
Endangered (11)
MossesMargined Streamside MossScouleria marginataBCNone; status confirmation
MossesSilver Hair MossFabronia pusillaBCNone; status confirmation
Vascular PlantsBearded Owl-cloverTriphysaria versicolorBCNone; status confirmation
Vascular PlantsBlueheartsBuchnera americanaONNone; status confirmation
Vascular PlantsFalse Hop SedgeCarex lupuliformisON QCNone; status confirmation
Vascular PlantsHeart-leaved PlantainPlantago cordataONNone; status confirmation
Vascular PlantsHoary Mountain-mintPycnanthemum incanumONNone; status confirmation
Vascular PlantsLarge Whorled PogoniaIsotria verticillataONNone; status confirmation
ArthropodsIsland BluePlebejus saepiolus insulanusBCNone; status confirmation
ReptilesBlue RacerColuber constrictor foxiiONNone; status confirmation
BirdsYellow-breasted Chat auricollis subspecies (Southern mountain population)Icteria virens auricollisBCNone; status confirmation
Threatened (2)
MossesHaller’s Apple MossBartramia hallerianaAB BCNone; status confirmation
BirdsMarbled MurreletBrachyramphus marmoratusBCNone; status confirmation
Special Concern (3)
ArthropodsWeidemeyer’s AdmiralLimenitis weidemeyeriiABNone; status confirmation
AmphibiansCoastal Tailed FrogAscaphus trueiBCNone; status confirmation
MammalsMountain BeaverAplodontia rufaBCNone; status confirmation


Table 3: Aquatic species recently assessed or reassessed by COSEWIC with consultation conducted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (eligible for addition to Schedule 1 or reclassification)
TaxonSpeciesScientific NameRangeConsultation Path
Endangered (1)
FishesSmooth Skate (Funk Island Deep population)Malacoraja senta


Atlantic Ocean

Threatened (2)
FishesAmerican EelAnguilla rostrataON QC NB PE NS NL Atlantic OceanExtended
FishesPlains MinnowHybognathus placitusSKExtended
Special Concern (3)
FishesNorth Pacific Spiny DogfishSqualus suckleyiPacific OceanNormal
FishesSmooth Skate (Laurentian-Scotian population)Malacoraja senta


Atlantic Ocean

FishesThorny SkateAmblyraja radiataNU QC NB PE NS NL Arctic Ocean, Atlantic OceanExtended
Up-lists from Special Concern to Threatened (1)
FishesPugnose MinnowOpsopoeodus emiliaeONExtended
Up-lists from Special Concern to Endangered
FishesSilver Chub (Great Lakes - Upper St. Lawrence populations)1Macrhybopsis storerianaONExtended
Eligible for de-listing – Special Concern to Not at Risk (1)
FishesSilver Chub (Saskatchewan-Nelson River populations) 1Macrhybopsis storerianaMBExtended

1Species currently listed on Schedule 1 as one species. Re-assessed in May 2012 and split into two populations.


Table 4: Aquatic species recently reassessed by COSEWIC (species status confirmation)
TaxonCommon Name (population)Scientific NameRangeConsultation Path
FishesEnos Lake Benthic Threespine SticklebackGasterosteus aculeatusBCNone; status confirmation
FishesEnos Lake Limnetic Threespine SticklebackGasterosteus aculeatusBCNone; status confirmation
FishesNorthern MadtomNoturus stigmosusONNone; status confirmation
ReptilesLeatherback Sea Turtle (Atlantic population)Dermochelys coriaceaAtlantic OceanNone; status confirmation
ReptilesLeatherback Sea Turtle (Pacific population)Dermochelys coriaceaPacific OceanNone; status confirmation
MammalsBlue Whale (Atlantic population)Balaenoptera musculusAtlantic OceanNone; status confirmation
MammalsBlue Whale (Pacific population)Balaenoptera musculusPacific OceanNone; status confirmation
MolluscsSnuffboxEpioblasma triquetraONNone; status confirmation
Special Concern
FishesBlackstripe TopminnowFundulus notatusONNone; status confirmation