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River Redhorse (Moxostoma Carinatum)


Assessment Summary


Assessment Summary – April 2006

Common name:

River redhorse

Scientific name:
Moxostoma carinatum

Special Concern

Reason for designation:
This freshwater fish species occurs in Ontario and Quebec, and although it has been collected at new locations in both provinces, sometimes in large numbers, this is thought to reflect the use of more effective sampling techniques such as boat electrofishing. It has likely disappeared historically from the Ausable, Châteauguay and Yamaska rivers, since the use of boat electrofishing has failed to collect it recently. Threats to the species include habitat degradation (pollution, siltation), stream regulation that affects water flow (dams) and habitat fragmentation (dams). The Canadian range is highly fragmented and rescue effect is improbable because of the precarious conservation status in adjoining U.S. States.

Ontario and Quebec

Status history:
Designated Special Concern in April 1983. Status re-examined and confirmed in April 1987 and in April 2006. Last assessment based on an update status report.