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Recovery Strategy for the Incurved Grizzled Moss (Ptychomitrium incurvum) in Canada (Final)

Appendix 1: Subnational Ranks of Incurved grizzled moss (NatureServe 2006)

New YorkSH

* Subnational ranks are assigned by each state or province's Conservation Data Centre. They are not legal designations, but reflect the relative rarity of the species within that jurisdiction.

S1     Extremely rare; usually 5 or fewer occurrences in the state/province or very few remaining individuals; often especially vulnerable to extirpation.
S2     Very rare; usually between 5 and 20 occurrences in the state/province or with many individuals in fewer occurrences; often susceptible to extirpation.
S3     Rare; usually between 20 and 100 occurrences in the province; may have fewer occurrences, but large number of individuals in some populations; may be susceptible to large-scale disturbances.
SH     Historically known from the state/province, but not verified recently (typically not recorded in the state/province in the last 20 years).
SX     Apparently extirpated, with little likelihood of rediscovery. Typically not seen in the state/province for many decades, despite searches at known historic sites.
SNR   Not ranked.

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