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Western Painted Turtle (Chrysemys Picta Bellii)

Biographical Summary of Report Writer

Upon completing her Master’s degree at UBC in 1993, Linda Dupuis worked as a research associate with the Centre for Applied Conservation Biology (UBC) for five years, and has been a private research consultant since 1998. Her focus has always been on habitat management needs of obligate and facultative wetland and riparian species, with an emphasis on amphibians.

Collections Examined

All Ontario records came from the Ontario Herpetological Atlas (OHA), an extensive database that encompasses records from the Royal Ontario Museum, naturalist groups, individuals and various government agencies; records date back to the 1920s. For the remainder of Canada, Western Painted Turtle information was acquired from the National Museum of Natural History, Royal B.C. Museum, Alberta Museum, Royal Saskatchewan Museum, and Manitoba Museum. Records also came from Parks Canada, the UBC Zoology Museum, the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority, the Conservation Data Centres of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, and individual researchers and consultants..


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