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Sand-verbena Moth (Copablepharon Fuscum)


Assessment Summary


Assessment Summary – November 2003

Common name:

Sand-verbena moth

Scientific name:
Copablepharon fuscum


Reason for designation:
The global population of this moth is very small and occurs in a very restricted range. The Canadian population, occurring at only three small sites, is even smaller and more restricted. The moth and its host plant are habitat specialists dependent on coastal dunes, a rare habitat along the West Coast. This habitat has undergone extensive losses due to stabilization of open dunes (including the introduction of invasive plant species), development, and recreational use. The host plant and therefore the moth are facing the threat of continuing declines due to the loss and degradation of coastal dunes.

British Columbia

Status history:
Designated Endangered in November 2003. Assessment based on a new status report.