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By answering the following questions you will help the federal government understand the benefits and impacts of adding the Eastern Pondmussel - to the SARA List.

Please fill out the questionnaire that follows and send us your answers by mail or fax to one of the following DFO offices:

Central and Arctic Region

SARA Coordinator

Freshwater Institute

Fisheries & Oceans Canada

501 University Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R3T 2N6  

Email: fwisar@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

Fax: 204-983-5192

Toll-free: 1-866-538-1609

The deadline for receiving comments is April 25, 2008.

For questions or comments concerning the Species at Risk Act or concerning this consultation process, please write to us at the address given above or call us at (204) 984-0599.


Species of interest: Eastern Pondmussel

Your name (optional):

Your Organization/Community/First Nation affiliation (Optional):

1a)  Are you in favour of the Government of Canada adding the Eastern Pondmussel to the SARA List?

£ Yes ­­                £     No      £      Undecided

b) If ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, please let us know why

c) If ‘Undecided’, please tell us why

2. Why is listing or not listing Eastern Pondmussel important to you? 

Please choose an option that best reflects your level of agreement or disagreement with the following statements.

 Strongly disagreeSomewhat disagreeNeither agree nor disagreeSomewhat agreeStrongly agreeI have no opinion
Has social and/or cultural significance (e.g. traditional purposes) to my community      
Is an important part of the Aboriginal or Canadian heritage      
Is or was an important subsistence food source      
Has economic value (e.g. recreational or commercial fishery)      
Provides job opportunities (e.g. tourism) to the local economy      
Plays an important role in maintaining a healthy freshwater ecosystem      
Will be valuable to future generations      
Many people in Canada value it even though they may never personally see one      
Other (please specify):      

3. Do you have additional reasons why you support the legal listing of Eastern Pondmussel?

4. If you do not support legal listing of Eastern Pondmussel, please tell us why.

5. If adding Eastern Pondmussel to the SARA List will have a negative effect on you or your activities, please let us know how you could change your activities to reduce the impact?

6.   Please add any other comments or concerns (include additional sheets, if necessary) you would like to be considered.

The following questions are optional:

7. Did this consultation workbook help you:

a) Understand how the listing process under the SARA works?

£   Yes ­­                £         No    £      Undecided

b) Understand the important issues concerning Eastern Pondmussel?

£   Yes ­­                £         No    £      Undecided

c) Provide an effective way to communicate your views on the potential listing Eastern Pondmussel to DFO?

£   Yes ­­                £         No    £      Undecided

d) What changes or additions can we make to this workbook to make it more easily understood and user friendly?

8. We would like to get an idea of how well you understand the Species At Risk Act (SARA). Please tell us how familiar you are with SARA:

_____ Not at all

_____ Very little

_____ Average

_____ Quite well

_____ Expert

9. Which sector(s) do you represent? Check all that apply.

___ General public

___ Aboriginal organization

___ Aboriginal community

___ Academic community

___ Agriculture

___ Commercial Fishing/Processing/Sales

___ Environmental organization

___ First Nation

___ Farming

___ Forestry

___ Government (please state level) __________________

___ Hydroelectric power generation

___ Industry or manufacturing

___ Oil and gas

___ Private sector – other (please indicate) __________________

___ Professional services

___ Stewardship group


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