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Recovery Strategy : Forked Three-awned Grass (Aristida basiramea) au Canada


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Personal Communications:

List of members for personal communications
MemberAssociation or Organisation
Gary AllenOntario Service Center, Parks Canada
Madeline AustenEnvironment Canada, Ontario Region
Wasyl BakowskyOntario Ministry of Natural Resources
Line Couillard Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs (Québec)
David FeatherstoneNottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
Melvin KingBeausoleil First Nation
Michael J. OldhamOntario Ministry of Natural Resources
Michael PenskarMichigan Natural Features Inventory
Andrew PromaineGeorgian Bay Islands National Park
Raymond QuennevilleFire Specialist, Parks Canada, Québec City
Dr. A.A. ReznicekUniversity of Michigan
Tim TullyAwenda Provincial Park

Appendix 1.  Actions Already Completed or Underway

2001 Ontariosites surveyed and documented by Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR)
2002 Status report compiled for COSEWIC recommended Endangered
  Species designated Endangered by COSEWIC, November 2002
 Conservation easement put in place for part of Anten Mills population
2003 Cazaville site surveyed and documented for Québec Ministry of Environment
  A. basirameaadded to the Species at Risk in Ontario (SARO) List as Endangered
2004 Report on status of the species in Québec compiled for Québec Ministry of Environment; S1 ranking recommended
  The species recommended for listing as menacée (highest status) by Québec Advisory Committee on Endangered Flora
2005Aristida basiramea listed “Endangered” in Schedule 1 of SARA (January 12th)
  ChristianIsland population reexamined by Environment Canada (EC), OMNR, and Beausoleil First Nation (BFN); additional subpopulations noted in proximity to former ball diamond population
 Environment Canada began working with Beausoleil First Nation to address concerns regarding Aristida basiramea and its occurrence on or adjacent to culturally significant sites.
  BFN Band Council resolution designated two band-owned Aristida sites for conservation
  Draft Federal Recovery Strategy prepared
  Consultation with Anten Mills site owners and one Macey Lake owner in preparation for regulation of the species as Endangered in Ontario
  Discussions in progress for zonation of Beausoleil Island population within Georgian Bay Island National Park
 ChristianIsland habitat documented and surveyed for further subpopulations. Vegetation community type, extent, quality also mapped (September 2005)

Vegetation community documented at Beausoleil Island site; monitoring of populations begun (October 2005)

Consultation begun with Beausoleil First Nation (October 2005)

2006Habitat Stewardship Program funded project to begin the protection of the Cazaville population

Anten Mills landowners contacted in preparation for regulation of the species as Endangered in Ontario

Beausoleil First Nation enacts Band Council Resolution approving Forked Three-awned Grass Recovery Strategy.

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