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COSEWIC assessment and status report on the Alkaline Wing-nerved Moss in Canada

Biographical Summary of Report Writer

Dr. Terry McIntosh completed his Ph. D. in 1985 following a study of dry grassland and shrub-steppe bryophytes in the interior portions of British Columbia. Since then, he has been active collecting bryophytes from many parts of the province and in dryland areas of adjacent Washington State. He has been a primary identifier of bryophyte collections from various government and private surveys in the province. He has recently completed sixteen rare species accounts on bryophytes for the Wildlife Branch of the Province of British Columbia and two COSEWIC Status Reports on mosses.

Collections Examined

The information provided below is not always exactly as on herbarium packet; spelling mistakes have been changed and information has been generated here to follow an easier to use format for this document; numbers 1 to 6 are at UBC and numbers 7 to 25 will be deposited into the UBC Herbarium.
 Access’n no.LocationHabitatCollectorColl. no.Coll. dateDet.
1B89051N.N.W. of OliverOn soil in dry grassy area adjacent to saline lakeT. T. McIntosh with A. Kruckeberg458327 June 1980T. T. McIntosh
2B89053OsoyoosFrost disturbed turfT. T. McIntosh678311 Apr 1981T. T. McIntosh
3B89052NW of OsoyoosHard soil near grassy salt panT. T. McIntosh with A. Kruckeberg587520 Sept 1980T. T. McIntosh
4B1093431.5 km NW of OsoyoosEdge of former lakeT. T. McIntosh with A. Kruckeberg457826 June 1980T. T. McIntosh
5B109340Near Spotted Lake, Osoyoos areaSilty flat near slough, dampT. T. McIntosh with A. Kruckeberg453026 June 1980T. T. McIntosh
6B109440Alkaline lake and steppe west of KamloopsSandy soil near salt panT. T. McIntosh579422 Aug 1980T. T. McIntosh
7 Penticton Indian Reserve 1, NNW of KaledenOn soil of wet depressionsT. T. McIntosh with A. Kruckeberg42299 June 1980T. T. McIntosh
8 Riske Creek, BCon crust near lakeT. T. McIntosh703211 Aug 1981T. T. McIntosh
9 Spotted lake area. Near Osoyoossoil around edge of lakeT. T. McIntosh762430 Apr 1983T. T. McIntosh
10 +/- 30 km. W of Moose Jaw, SKedge of alkaline sloughT. T. McIntosh8051June 1989T. T. McIntosh
11 +/- 15 km south of Okanagan Falls NW of Oliveralong edge of alkaline lake on soil amidst Distichlis and sedgesT. T. McIntosh80439 Oct 2002T. T. McIntosh
12 Nicola Lake (NE of Merritt), BCon soil along edge of alkaline sloughT. T. McIntosh8044June 1999T. T. McIntosh
13 +/- 10.5 km south of Riske Creek along 2000 Rd. to Farwell Canyon; 980m elevationon soil along edge of alkaline sloughT. T. McIntosh804517 Oct 2002T. T. McIntosh
14 Poison Lake, SW of Williams lakeon soil amongst grasses and sedges along edge of lakeT. T. McIntosh804617 Oct 2002T. T. McIntosh
15 Near Hwy. #1/Coquihalla turnoff, W of Kamloopson soil along west edge of alkaline slough in Distichlis zoneT. T. McIntosh804719 Oct 2002T. T. McIntosh
16 Near Cranbrookon soil in heavily degraded alkaline wetlandT. T. McIntosh and Don Gayton80489 Nov 2002T. T. McIntosh
17 W of Canal Flats, S end of Stinky Sloughon soil amongst grasses and sedges along edge of alkaline lakeT. T. McIntosh80499 Nov 2002T. T. McIntosh
18 S of Kamloopsscattered patches on soil along edge of alkaline lakeT. T. McIntosh805019 Oct 2002T. T. McIntosh
19 Jameson Exclosure, Cariboo Region, W of Williams lakeon soil amongst grasses and sedgesT. T. McIntosh805217 Oct 2002T. T. McIntosh
20 SW of Williams lakeon soil amongst rushes and sedgesT. T. McIntosh and K. Iverson805327 May 2001T. T. McIntosh
21 S of Savona (W of Kamloops)scattered patches on soil along west edge of alkaline lakeT. T. McIntosh805419 June 2002T. T. McIntosh
22 S of Ashcroft; +/- 540 m elevationscattered patches on soil on alkaline slope amidst Distichlis and small sedgesT. T. McIntosh8055Oct, 2002T. T. McIntosh
23 NW of Osoyoos alongside Hwy. 3on soil along edge of alkaline pond, NW of Spotted LakeT. T. McIntosh with F. Knezevich587521 Jan 2003T. T. McIntosh
24 Alberta Lake, NW of Clinton, BCscattered in tiny patches on soil along west edge of lakeT. T. McIntosh807721 Aug 2000T. T. McIntosh
25 SW of Williams Lakeon soil amongst grasses and sedgesT. T. McIntosh8047July 1997T. T. McIntosh

Record of Field Work

Field work directly related to this report was completed in 2002 on the following dates and at the locations noted in brackets (sometimes field searches for P. kozlovii were made in addition to other work at these sites): May 15 - 18 (south Okanagan Valley), July 29 - 31 (Okanagan area), October 7 - 9 (Okanagan area), October 14 (Ashcroft area), October 16 - 20 (Cariboo Region and Kamloops area), November 9 - 10 (Cranbrook area), and December 22 - 24 (south Okanagan area). Field work was undertaken on one additional day, January 21, 2003, in order to confirm earlier locations in the south Okanagan area. An average of 1-2 hours was spent searching at each site in these areas.


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