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Canadian Species at Risk (November 2003)

Table 6. Species assessed and designated in the five "risk" categories, with range of occurrence (by province, territory or ocean) and date of last assessment. For extinct and extirpated species, the historical range of occurrence and the approximate date of disappearance are shown (441 species).

Taxon/ Assessment DetailsCommon NameScientific NamePopulation NameHistorical Range of OccurrenceExtinction DateAssessment Date
Mammals (2)
∆    ↔Caribou dawsoni subspeciesRangifer tarandus dawsoni BC1920sMay 2000
2   ↔Mink, SeaMustela macrodon NB NS Atlantic Ocean1894May 2000
Birds (3)
2   ↔Auk, GreatPinguinus impennis QC NB NS NL1844May 2000
2   ↔Duck, LabradorCamptorhynchus labradorius QC NB NS NL1875May 2000
2   ↔Pigeon, PassengerEctopistes migratorius SK MB ON QC NB NS PE1914May 2000
Reptiles (0)
Amphibians (0)
Fishes (5)
2   ↔Cisco, DeepwaterCoregonus johannae ON1952May 2000
2   ↔Dace, Banff LongnoseRhinichthys cataractae smithi AB1986May 2000
2   ↔Stickleback, Benthic Hadley LakeGasterosteus sp. BC1999May 2000
2   ↔Stickleback, Limnetic Hadley LakeGasterosteus sp. BC1999May 2000
2   ↔Walleye, BlueStizostedion vitreum
 ON1965May 2000
Arthropods (0)
Molluscs (1)
2   ↔Limpet, EelgrassLottia alveus alveus QC NS NL1929May 2000
Vascular Plants (0)
Mosses (1)
Moss, Macoun's ShiningNeomacounia nitida ONnot observed since 1864Nov 2002
Lichens (0)


Taxon/ Assessment DetailsCommon NameScientific NamePopulation NameHistorical Range of OccurrenceExtinction DateAssessment Date
Mammals (4)
1   ↔Bear, GrizzlyUrsus arctosPrairie populationAB SK MB1880sMay 2002
2   ↔Ferret, Black-footedMustela nigripes AB SK MB1974May 2000
2   ↔Walrus, AtlanticOdobenus rosmarus rosmarusNorthwest Atlantic populationAtlantic Oceanmid 19th centuryMay 2000
2   ↔Whale, GreyEschrichtius robustusAtlantic populationAtlantic Oceanbefore end of 1800sMay 2000
Birds (2)
2   ↔Prairie-Chicken, GreaterTympanuchus cupido AB SK MB ONlast reported in 1987 in SaskatchewanMay 2000
2  ↔Sage-Grouse phaios subspecies, GreaterCentrocercus urophasianus phaios BCnot observed since 1960sMay 2000
Reptiles (4)
Gophersnake, PacificPituophis catenifer catenifer BCnot observed since 1957May 2002
2   ↔Lizard, Pigmy Short-hornedPhrynosoma douglasiiBritish Columbia populationBClast reported in 1898, near Osoyoos, BCMay 2000
Rattlesnake, TimberCrotalus horridus ON1941May 2001
Turtle, Pacific PondActinemys marmorata BCnot observed since 1959May 2002
Amphibians (1)
Salamander, TigerAmbystoma tigrinumGreat Lakes populationON1915Nov 2001
Fishes (2)
2  ↔Chub, GravelErimystax x-punctatus ONlast reported in 1958, Thames River drainageMay 2000
2 ↔PaddlefishPolyodon spathula ON1917May 2000
Arthropods (3)
2   ↔Blue, KarnerLycaeides melissa samuelis ON1991May 2000
2   ↔Elfin, FrostedCallophrys [Incisalia] irus ON1988May 2000
2   ↔Marble, IslandEuchloe ausonides BCbefore 1910May 2000
Molluscs (2)
Snail, Puget OregonianCryptomastix devia BCnot observed since 1905Nov 2002
2   ↔Wedgemussel, DwarfAlasmidonta heterodon NB1968May 2000
Vascular Plants (2)
2  ↔Spring Blue-eyed MaryCollinsia verna ONnot observed since 1954May 2000
2   ↔Tick-trefoil, illinoisDesmodium illinoense ONnot observed since 1888May 2000
Mosses (1)
Moss, Incurved GrizzledPtychomitrium incurvum ON1828Nov 2002
Lichens (0)