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Spoon-leaved Moss (Bryoandersonia Illecebra)


The Spoon-leaved Moss is under the management jurisdiction of the Ontario provincial government. 

The Species at Risk Act (SARA, Section 37) requires the competent Minister to prepare a recovery strategy for all listed extirpated, endangered or threatened species.  SARA Section 44(1) allows the Minister to adopt an existing plan for the species if it meets the requirements under SARA for content and process (Sections 39-41).

The Spoon-leaved Moss was listed as Endangered under SARA in January 2005.  The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources led the development of this recovery strategy for the species in cooperation with the Canadian Wildlife Service – Ontario Region, Environment Canada.  All responsible jurisdictions reviewed and acknowledged receipt of the strategy.  This recovery strategy was developed in consultation with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.