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2.1 Recovery Feasibility

The Species at Risk Act states that “In preparing the recovery strategy, the competent minister must determine whether the recovery of the listed wildlife species is technically and biologically feasible. The determination must be based on the best available information, including information provided by COSEWIC” (Section 40).

One of the criteria within the Government of Canada’s Recovery Feasibility Policy for “feasible recovery” of a species is that “individuals capable of reproduction are currently available to improve the population growth rate or population abundance.” (Environment Canada 2005). Because we are not aware of the existence or location of any Eskimo Curlews, recovery is not feasible for this species at this time.

Recent efforts to locate remaining individuals have been unsuccessful, and it is possible that this species is extinct. Species-specific research and surveys for Eskimo Curlews are not warranted at this time, although surveys for shorebirds or waterbirds in potential habitat should include this species. In addition, reported observations of Eskimo Curlews should be investigated and confirmed if feasible.

Determination of recovery feasibility will be reevaluated in response to changing conditions and/or knowledge (i.e., if Eskimo Curlews are located).