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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Aweme Borer in Canada

Existing Protection or Other Status Designations

The Aweme Borer is not listed in the US Endangered Species list, the IUCN Red Book or CITES. The Nature Conservancy (NatureServe) has assigned the Aweme Borer a global rank of GH (Globally Historical), a USA national rank of NH (Nationally Historical), a Canadian national rank of NH (Nationally Historical) and Provincial or State ranks of SH (State Historical) in Ontario, Michigan and New York. It is also listed as SNR (Species Not Ranked) in Manitoba. It is not mentioned in the New York State Endangered Species List, but is listed by the state of Michigan as SC (Special Concern).

Any extant populations in Criddle-Vane Homestead Provincial Park and Spruce Woods Provincial Park in Manitoba and The Pinery Provincial Park in Ontario would be protected under legislation protecting wildlife within Provincial Parks. The Manitoulin site is on private property.