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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Aweme Borer in Canada


Global Range

The range of the Aweme Borer is defined by four collection sites extending along a narrow band from southwestern Manitoba (Aweme area) east to the Great Lakes shoreline in northern Michigan, southern Ontario and northern New York state (Figure 2). All records are historic and the species has not been collected since 1936 (Table 1). The global maximum extent of occurrence (EO) is approximately 160 000 sq. km. The maximum extent of occurrence (EO) in Canada encompasses about 30 000 km2 in a narrow strip approximately 1 500 km long and 20 km wide.


Table 1: List of Specimens of Aweme Borer
CAN MB Aweme1905-08-24N. CriddleLyman Entomological Museum
CAN MB Aweme1905-08-25N. CriddleBritish Museum of Natural History
CAN MB Aweme1905-08-26N. CriddleCanadian National Collection of Insects
CAN ON Grand Bend1936-08-15?Canadian National Collection of Insects
CAN ON Manitoulin I.2005-08-19J. K. MortonCanadian National Collection (?)
USA MI Beaver Island1925-08-13S. MooreAmerican Museum of Natural History.
USA NY Rochester1932-08-07A.G. RichardsU.S. National Museum

Canadian Range

The Canadian range is defined by three collection sites; Aweme in southwestern Manitoba and Grand Bend and Manitoulin Island in southeastern Ontario (Fig. 2.). These three Canadian collection sites account for three-fifths of the global sites, and five of the seven known specimens.

The first three specimens were collected at Aweme, Manitoba in August of 1908, while the most recent collection came from Manitoulin Island, Ontario in 2005. The 2005 specimen is the first report of this species in almost 70 years (Table 1).

Figure 2: Collection Sites for the Aweme Borer

Figure 2: Collection sites for the Aweme Borer.

The Aweme site is located in the Prairie Ecological Area and the Grand Bend and Manitoulin sites in the Great Lakes Plain (COSEWIC 2003). The maximum extent of occurrence (EO) in Canada encompasses about 35 000 km2 in a narrow strip approximately 1 500 km long and 20 km wide. The maximum area of occupancy (AO) includes a possible 625 km2: approximately 600 km2 in Spruce Woods Provincial Park and Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Shilo combined, about 25 km2 in The Pinery Provincial Park – Grand Bend area, and less than 1 km2 on Manitoulin Island.