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COSEWIC assessment and status report on the American Chestnut in Canada


Global Range

The global range is limited to eastern North America, extending across the north-eastern states from southern Maine to south-eastern Michigan, and southern Ontario, south to Georgia and Mississippi, east of the Mississippi River (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Global Distribution of Castanea dentata

Figure 1: Global distribution of Castanea dentata (Argus et al., 1982-87)

Argus et al., 1982-87.

Canadian Range

The Canadian range extends from just west of Toronto through London to Windsor and south, through much of the Carolinian Zone (=Deciduous Forest Region) of Ontario (Figure 2). Although this species is no longer dominant in its forest habitat, remnant stump sprouts or occasional trees are found through much of its historical range.

Figure 2: Distribution of Castanea dentata in Canada

Figure 2: Distribution of Castanea dentata in Canada (Tindall et al., 2004, with additions).

Tindall et al., 2004, with additions.