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COSEWIC Assessment and Update Status Report on the Aurora Trout in Canada


The Aurora Trout restoration program is financed and conducted by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Support for the water quality monitoring program has been maintained by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment with additional support in recent years from Al Dextrase through the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Additional financial support during the period 1992-1994 was provided by the Endangered Species Recovery fund, cosponsored by World Wildlife Fund, Canada, and the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment Canada. We thank Al Dextrase and the Aurora Trout management committee, in particular Craig Jessop, Ron Ward, Chuck McCrudden, Linda Melnyk‑Ferguson, and Peter Davis for helpful comments on an earlier draft of this report.

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The Authors

Ed Snucins

Academic training as a fisheries biologist with degrees from Guelph (B.Sc. 1983) and Trent (M. Sc. 1989) universities. Lake Rehabilitation Biologist with the Cooperative Freshwater Ecology Unit at Laurentian University in Sudbury since 1989. Areas of research include monitoring natural biological and chemical recovery of acidified lakes and developing methods for reintroducing extirpated species. Involved with the Aurora Trout restoration program since 1985 and a member of the Aurora Trout Management Committee since 1989.

John Gunn

Senior scientist with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and founding director of the Cooperative Freshwater Ecology Unit at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. The Co-op unit mandate is to conduct research in the area of restoration ecology of industrially damaged ecosystems. The unit also has an environmental science training role and extensive public education programs. Academic training is as a fisheries biologist and aquatic ecology with degrees from Mt. Allison (B.Sc. 1973), Ottawa (M.Sc. 1976) and Guelph (Ph.D. 1987) universities.  Has published more than 50 journal papers and edited a major book on restoration ecology and ecosytem management. Currently holds a 5 year NSERC Industrial grant with Dr. Norman Yan for the study of "Climate Change, Ultraviolet Light and the Recovery of Acidified Lakes". Received the Excellence in Research Award from the Ontario Ministry of Environment in 1988, the Guelph University Alumni Achievement Medal in 1993, and the Ontario Amethyst Award in 1996 for international contribution to acid rain research.

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