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COSEWIC assessment and status report on the dromedary jumping-slug in Canada

Summary of Status Report


The Dromedary Jumping-slug, Hemphillia dromedarius, belongs to a small group of slugs endemic to western North America. Jumping-slugs have a distinctive appearance and exhibit remarkable anti-predator behaviour when disturbed. The Canadian distribution of H. dromedarius is extremely patchy and appears to be confined to portions of Vancouver Island; only 6 localities are known. This species appears to rely on older forests or old growth attributes within its Canadian range. In Washington, the species also occurs in mature second growth. Populations are vulnerable to both stochastic climatic fluctuations, such as droughts, and to human-induced alteration of the habitat, particularly logging. Many data gaps exist, and accurate assessment of the status of the species would benefit from additional fieldwork. In particular, further information is needed on distribution and area of occupancy, responses to logging, and the minimum size of habitat patches that can support viable populations.