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The federal, provincial, and some territorial government signatories under the Accord for the Protection of Species at Risk (1996) agreed to establish complementary legislation and programs that provide for effective protection of species at risk throughout Canada. Under the Species at Risk Act (S.C. 2002, c.29) (SARA) the federal competent ministers are responsible for the preparation of recovery strategies for listed Extirpated, Endangered, and Threatened species and are required to report on progress within five years.

The Minister of the Environment is the competent minister for the recovery of the Ivory Gull and has prepared this strategy, as per section 37 of SARA. It has been prepared in cooperation with

  1. Inuit communities of Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord;
  2. Nunavut Wildlife Management Board; and
  3. Government of Nunavut;

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunatsiavut Wildlife Management Board and Government of the Northwest Territories have reviewed the document as well.

Success in the recovery of this species depends on the commitment and cooperation of many different constituencies that will be involved in implementing the directions set out in this strategy and will not be achieved by Environment Canada, or any other jurisdiction alone. All Canadians are invited to join in supporting and implementing this strategy for the benefit of the Ivory Gull and Canadian society as a whole.

This recovery strategy will be followed by one or more action plans that will provide information on recovery measures to be taken by Environment Canada and other jurisdictions and/or organizations involved in the conservation of the species. Implementation of this strategy is subject to appropriations, priorities, and budgetary constraints of the participating jurisdictions and organizations.