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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Baikal Sedge in Canada


Assessment Summary

Assessment Summary – May 2005

Common name:
Baikal Sedge

Scientific name:
Carex Sabulosa


Reason for designation:
A geographically restricted species of three sand dune areas that serve as habitat for five populations. These consist of several million shoots produced mainly through asexual reproduction. The species has been impacted by declines in population numbers, size, area, quality of its habitat and on-going impacts from the recreational use of all-terrain vehicles at Carcross and Bennett Lake. Such activity and much increased tourist visitations at the Carcross dune systems may result in increased impacts on the habitat with the development of a major resort facility at this location by 2006. If the Alsek River is dammed again by the advance of the Lowell Glacier, as had occurred in recent past, the large population at the confluence of the Dezadeash and Kaskawulsh Rivers could be at risk.

Yukon Territory

Status history:
Designated Threatened in 2005. Assessment based on a new status report.