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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Baikal Sedge in Canada

Biographical Summary of Report Writer

Dr. George Wayne Douglas (1938-2005), well-known and respected British Columbia botanist, whose contribution to COSEWIC has included over 30 status reports, died in Duncan, BC, on 10 February 2005, after a short battle with cancer.

George W. Douglas had an M.Sci. (Forestry) from the University of Washington and a Ph.D. (Botany) from the University of Alberta, Edmonton. George worked with rare plants for over 20 years. He was senior author of The Rare Plants of the Yukon (1981), The Rare Plants of British Columbia (1985) and Rare Native Plants of British Columbia (1998, 2002). He was also the senior editor for the Illustrated Flora of British Columbia (1998-2002) and was the program botanist for the British Columbia Conservation Data Centre from 1991 until 2003. George wrote or co-wrote 33 COSEWIC status reports and three update status reports.

Collections Examined

Carcross (Klondike Highway)

1948/07/01 – Raup and Raup 13327 (UBC)
1951/08/25 – Porsild 19489 (V)
1978/08/01 – Douglas and Ratcliffe 10906 (V)
1982/07 – Ceska, Ceska and Goward 11748 (V)
1989/07/24 – Straley and Nicholls 5733 (UBC)
1992/08/01 – Douglas and Douglas 12645 (V, UBC)

Carcross (Bennett Lake)

2003/08/17 – Douglas and Smith 13704 (V, DAO, UBC)

Kaskawalsh/Dezadeash Rivers

1973/08/01 – Douglas and Douglas 6674 (V)
1974/07/07 – Douglas and Douglas 7837 (V, UBC, DAO)

Christmas Bay, Kluane Lake

1974/07/21 – Brink s.n. (UBC)

Takhini River (south dunes)

1986/07/02 – Kennedy K25 (DAO)
2003/08/16 – Douglas and Smith 13700 (V, UBC, DAO)

Takhini River (north dunes)

2003/08/16 – Douglas and Smith 13703 (V)

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