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COSEWIC Assessment and Update Status Report on the Blackfin Cisco in Canada

Appendix 1: Blackfin Cisco Occurrence Records in Canada. Note that only records from Lake Huron and Lake Nipigon and its tributaries are considered taxonomically valid in this report.

Specimens in Museum Collections
Georgian Bay(2)Ontario49°34’ N  88°50’ W1922-08-11UMMZ
Gore BayOntario45°56’ N  82°28’ W-ROM
Lake HuronOntario44°30’ N  82°15’ W-ROM
Lake HuronOntario45°39’ N  82°39’ W1941-00-00ROM
Georgian BayOntario45°15’ N  81°40’ W1931-09-01UMMZ
Georgian BayOntario44°53’ N  80°47’ W1917-11-06UMMZ
Georgian BayOntario44°56’ N  81°01’ W1919-07-28UMMZ
Georgian BayOntario45°03’ N  81°34’ W1919-07-30UMMZ
Georgian BayOntario45°02’ N  81°16’ W1919-10-06UMMZ
Georgian BayOntario44°10’ N  81°06’ W1919-11-29UMMZ
Georgian BayOntario44°56’ N  81°01’ W1923-06-26UMMZ
Georgian BayOntario44°56’ N  81°01’ W1923-06-10UMMZ
Lake HuronOntario44°29’ N  81°53’ W1960-08-01NMNS
Lake OntarioOntario43°33’ N  79°35’ W1927-06-29ROM
Lake NipigonOntarioUnknown1923-08-28ROM
Crescent LakeOntario50°28’ N  88°20’ W1986-10-21ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W1922-08-11UMMZ
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W1921-00-00ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W1921-08-16ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W1922-08-15ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W1924-06-00ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W1993-06-00MW
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W1994-07-00MW
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W1974-10-18UMMZ
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W1994-07-24MW
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W1922-07-25UMMZ
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W1922-07-26UMMZ
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W1994-07-26MW
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W1994-07-27MW
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  88°30’ W-ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°40’ N  88°51’ W1924-06-21ROM
Lake NipigonOntario50°12’ N  88°15’ W1923-08-21ROM
Lake NipigonOntario50°12’ N  88°15’ W1923-08-23ROM
Lake NipigonOntario50°13’ N  88°18’ W1924-06-19ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°26’ N  88°08’ W1923-09-10ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°26’ N  88°08’ W1925-09-14ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°25’ N  88°08’ W1923-09-07ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°26’ N  88°08’ W1921-07-26ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°26’ N  88°08’ W1922-07-26ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°26’ N  88°08’ W1922-08-03ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°39’ N  88°06’ W1924-07-23ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°39’ N  88°06’ W1923-09-06ROM
Lake NipigonOntario50°12’ N  88°15’ W1974-10-18UMMZ
Lake NipigonOntario49°50’ N  89°00’ W1922-10-26UMMZ
Lake NipigonOntario48°57’ N  88°14’ W1922-07-25UMMZ
Lake NipigonOntario49°26’ N  88°08’ W1922-07-26UMMZ
Lake NipigonOntario49°34’ N  88°50’ W1922-08-11UMMZ
Lake NipigonOntario49°40’ N  88°51’ W-ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°39’ N  88°38’ W1921-00-00ROM
Lake NipigonOntario50°00’ N  88°21’ W1921-08-10ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°55’ N  88°20’ W1923-09-05ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°31’ N  88°09’ W1921-08-21ROM
Lake NipigonOntario50°00’ N  88°21’ W1922-08-15ROM
Lake NipigonOntario50°10’ N  88°49’ W1922-08-17ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°53’ N  88°11’ W1922-07-28ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°40’ N  88°38’ W1923-09-03ROM
Lake NipigonOntario49°58’ N  88°06’ W1923-09-03ROM
Little Jackfish RiverOntario50°19’ N  88°21’ W1986-10-27ROM
Little Jackfish RiverOntario50°19’ N  88°21’ W1986-10-27ROM
Little Jackfish RiverOntario50°18’ N  88°22’ W1986-10-27ROM
Little Jackfish RiverOntario50°19’ N  88°21’ W1986-10-28ROM
Little Jackfish RiverOntario50°25’ N  88°19’ W1986-07-18ROM
Little Jackfish RiverOntario50°19’ N  88°21’ W1986-05-07ROM
Little Jackfish RiverOntario50°19’ N  88°21’ W1986-04-28ROM
Zigzag LakeOntario50°29’ N  88°50’ W1986-10-20ROM
Ogoki RiverOntario50°46’ N  88°00’ W1986-10-19ROM
Ogoki RiverOntario50°46’ N  88°00’ W1986-10-19ROM
Long LakeOntario49°30’ N  86°50’ W1924-08-24ROM
Long LakeOntario49°30’ N  86°50’ W1926-08-11ROM
Long LakeOntario49°30’ N  86°50’ W1926-08-14ROM
Long LakeOntario49°22’ N  87°00’ W1925-09-19ROM
Long LakeOntario49°22’ N  87°00’ W1925-09-24ROM
Shebandowan L.Ontario48°40’ N  90°19’ W1958-08-28ROM
Lake ManitouOntario45°47’ N  82°00’ W1931-07-15ROM
Twelve Mile LakeOntario45°02’ N  78°42’ W1924-09-13ROM
Deer LakeOntario52°36’ N  94°02’ W1960-08-26ROM
Attawapiskat LakeOntario52°18’ N  87°54’ W1939-06-07ROM
Attawapiskat LakeOntario52°18’ N  87°54’ W1939-06-11ROM
Attawapiskat LakeOntario52°18’ N  87°54’ W1939-06-22ROM
Attawapiskat LakeOntario52°18’ N  87°54’ W1939-06-27ROM
Attawapiskat LakeOntario52°18’ N  87°54’ W1939-07-09ROM
Attawapiskat LakeOntario52°18’ N  87°54’ W1939-07-12ROM
Attawapiskat LakeOntario52°18’ N  87°54’ W1939-07-19ROM
Attawapiskat LakeOntario52°18’ N  87°54’ W1939-07-20ROM
Attawapiskat LakeOntario52°18’ N  87°54’ W1939-08-03ROM
Attawapiskat LakeOntario52°18’ N  87°54’ W1939-08-08ROM
Attawapiskat LakeOntario52°18’ N  87°54’ W1939-08-11ROM
Attawapiskat LakeOntario52°18’ N  87°54’ W1939-08-16ROM
Crescent LakeOntario50°28’ N  88°20’ W1986OFDDS
Culverson LakeOntario52°20’ N  93°38’ W1977OFDDS
Lake ManitobaManitoba51°02’ N  98°46’ W1926-02-16ROM
Clearwater LakeSaskatchewan--ROM
Kingsmere LakeSaskatchewan-1929-07-18ROM
Kingsmere LakeSaskatchewan-1923-08-28ROM

(1) UMMZ = University of Michigan Museum of Zoology; ROM = Royal Ontario Museum; NMNS = National Museum of Natural Science; MW = unknown source; OFDDS = Ontario Fish Data Distribution System.
(2) Occurrence Site or Lat./Long. incorrect.


Reports from the literature
Lake AthabaskaAlberta58°52’ N 110°28’ W-Dymond, 1943
Lake WaskesiuSaskatchewan53°55’ N 106°05’ W1929-07-04Dymond, 1943
Little Trout LakeSaskatchewan-1928-08-29Dymond, 1943
Burntwood L.Saskatchewan-1929-08-02Dymond, 1943
Heart LakeSaskatchewan54°23’ N 105°00’ W1929-08-26Dymond, 1943
Reindeer LakeSaskatchewan57°15’ N 102°15’ W1955-00-00Atton and Merkowsky, 1983


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