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Recovery Strategy for the Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia humifusa) in Canada


The authors and recovery team members would like to thank former recovery team members Julie Rosenthal (Ontario Parks), Kelly Scott (Parks Canada), Chuck Fawdry (Ontario Parks) and Irena Knezevic (Pelee Island Heritage Centre) and Recovery Team Advisor Roy Isaac (Walpole Island Heritage Centre, Walpole Island First Nation) for their assistance in developing this recovery strategy.

In addition to the authors, current recovery team members and their support staff, the following individuals and organizations are acknowledged for contributing their time, expertise or information to assist in the development of a comprehensive, ecosystem-based recovery strategy: Danielle Breault (Essex Region Conservation Authority), Tricia Radburn (Essex County Stewardship Network), Marc Allan (Ontario Nature), Lisa Solomon (Ontario Parks), Ron Tiessen (Pelee Island Heritage Centre), and Stéphane Bruneau, Geordan Harvey, Josh Keitel and Shawna Lee Currie (Parks Canada). Peer reviewers Anton A. Reznicek and Rose Klinkenberg are kindly thanked for their review of a draft as are Nikki May (Carolinian Woodlands Recovery Team), Karen Hartley and Julia Talotti (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources), Christine Vance, Angela McConnell and Barbara Slezak (Canadian Wildlife Service, Ontario) and Marian Stranak, Dan Reive, Dan Dufour, Lindsay Rodger, Kara Vlasman, Kent Prior, Marie-Josée Laberge and Richard Pither (Parks Canada). Appreciation is extended to Jane Bowles for her review of the document.  Consultation with First Nations on the draft recovery strategy was led by Kim Borg and Aimee Johnson (Parks Canada), and the input from Walpole Island FN and Caldwell FN is greatly appreciated. Clint Jacobs and Jared Macbeth of Walpole Island First Nation were most helpful in providing comments on the draft recovery strategy, and also provided the textual references on Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

Thanks are also extended to the Species at Risk Programs of Parks Canada and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for providing the funding and resources for the development of the Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus and ecosystem-based recovery strategies.