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Canadian Species at Risk - May 2001

Summary Tables

COSEWIC Species at risk, not at risk and data deficient

Summary of List 1. COSEWIC list of species at risk, including results from May 2001 meeting.
Category / StatusExtinctExtirpatedEndangeredThreatenedSpecial ConcernTotals
Reptiles 256821
Amphibians  43916
Lepidopterans 332210
Vascular Plants 2493344128
Mosses  1  1
Lichens  1 34

Summary of List 2. COSEWIC list of species not at risk, including results data deficient species including results from May 2001 meeting.
Category / StatusNot at Risk
Vascular Plants16

Summary of List 3. COSEWIClist of species not at risk, including results data deficient species including results from May 2001 meeting.
Category / StatusData Deficient
Vascular Plants4


Results of May 2001 COSEWIC meeting

May 2001 species by status and taxon
Category / StatusExtinctExtirpatedEndangeredThreatenedSpecial ConcernNot at RiskData DeficientTotals
Mammals   111 3
Birds  2 1  3
Reptiles 12    3
Amphibians  1  1 2
Fishes  1321 7
Lepidopterans       0
Molluscs  2    2
Vascular Plants  1052  17
Mosses       0
Lichens       0

May 2001 species by status and type of change in status
Category / Status Change*ExtinctExtirpatedEndangeredThreatenedSpecial ConcernNot at RiskData DeficientTotals
New 110511 18
Uplisted (↑)   2   2
Downlisted (↓)    2  2
No Change (↔)  8221 13
Changed (5)    1  1
De-listed ()     1 1

Explanation of terms on following page.


The lists that follow are organized by status category and then by taxonomic group. Explanation of symbols and abbreviations is provided below. For each species, the information provided includes the common name, scientific name, population name, and range of occurrence (by province/ territory/ ocean). The most recent date of examination by COSEWICis shown, and symbols provide information the outcome of status reexaminations (e.g., uplisting, downlisting) and basis of re-examination for species evaluated against the new quantitative criteria. For birds, geographical occurrence includes the Canadian breeding and wintering distribution.

The first COSEWIC “Endangered Species List” was issued in 1978. In 1990, it was decided that all species considered by COSEWIC should be listed even if the species were “not at risk” or “data deficient.” Therefore, this document is divided into three separate lists. List 1 includes Species designated as Extinct, Extirpated, Endangered, Threatened or Special Concern. List 2 includes species examined and designated in the Not at Risk category. List 3 includes species examined and designated in the Data Deficient category because of insufficient scientific information, with geographical occurrence and most recent date of examination.

Explanation of symbols

Re-assessments and new species

3 Species placed in a higher risk category (uplisted) after re-examination on the date shown.

4 Species placed in a lower risk category (downlisted) after re-examination on the date shown.

5 Species stays in the same risk category (no change) after re-examination on the date shown.

6 Species moved to the Not at Risk category from a risk category (de-listed) on the date shown.

7 Species moved to the Data Deficient Category from a risk category, or to a risk category from the Data Deficient Category (changed), on the date shown. (no arrow) New species examined on the date shown.

Evaluation with COSEWIC’s new quantitative criteria

COSEWIC has recently begun using quantitative criteria to assess species’ risk of extinction. These criteria were adapted from the criteria used by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and have been used by COSEWIC since October 1999.

1or 1+ Species has been assessed with new quantitative criteria based on a new status report or an update status report. A plus sign (+) indicates the report has an addendum.

2 or 2+ Species re-assessed with new quantitative criteria using an existing status report. A plus sign (+) indicates the report has an addendum.

Geographical occurrence abbreviations

AB Alberta
NS Nova Scotia
QC Québec
BC British Columbia
NT Northwest Territories
SK Saskatchewan
MB Manitoba
NU Nunavut
YT Yukon Territory
NB New Brunswick
ON Ontario
NF Newfoundland
PE Prince Edward Island

List 1. Species designated in the five "risk" categories, with geographical occurrence (by province / territory / ocean) and year of designation.

For extinct and extirpated species, the approximate date of disappearance is indicated and geographical occurrence is based on historical distribution records.

Extinct Category (12)
Taxon /
Assessment Details
Common NameScientific NameHistorical Range of OccurenceExtinction DateExamination Date
Mammals (2)
2, 5Caribou
Dawson's subspecies, Woodland
Rangifer tarandus dawsoniBC1920sMay 2000
2, 5MinkSea Mustela macrodonAtlantic coastal waters1894May 2000
Birds (3)
2, 5Auk, GreatPinguinus impennisQC NB NS NF1844May 2000
2, 5Duck, LabradorCamptorhynchus labradoriusQC NB NS NF1875May 2000
2, 5Pigeon, PassengerEctopistes migratoriusSK MB ON QC NB NS PE1914May 2000
Reptiles (0)
Amphibians (0)
Fishes (6)
2, 5Cisco, DeepwaterCoregonus johannaeON1952May 2000
2, 5Cisco, LongjawCoregonus alpenaeON1975May 2000
2, 5Dace, Banff LongnoseRhinichthys cataractae smithiAB1986May 2000
2, 5Stickleback, Benthic
Hadley Lake
Gasterosteus sp.BC1999May 2000
2, 5Stickleback, Limnetic
Hadley Lake
Gasterosteus sp.BC1999May 2000
2, 5Walleye, BlueStizostedion vitreum glaucumON1965May 2000
Molluscs (1)
2, 5Limpet, EelgrassLottia alveus alveusQC NS NF1929May 2000
Plants (0)
Mosses (0)
Lichens (0)

Extirpated Category (16)
Taxon/Assessment DetailsCommon NameScientific NamePopulation NameHistorical Range of OccurenceExtinction DateExamination Date
Mammals (4)
2, 5Bear, GrizzlyUrsus arctosPrairie populationAB SK MB1880sMay 2000
2, 5Ferret, Black-footedMustela nigripes AB SK MB1974May 2000
2, 5Walrus, AtlanticOdobenus rosmarus rosmarusNorthwest Atlantic populationAtlantic Oceanmid 19th centuryMay 2000
2, 5Whale, GreyEschrichtius robustusAtlantic populationAtlantic Oceanbefore end of 1800sMay 2000
Birds (2)
2, 5Grouse, Sage phaiosCentrocercus urophasianusBritish Columbia populationBCnot observed since 1960sMay 2000
2, 5Prairie-Chicken, GreaterTympanuchus cupido AB SK MB ONlast reported in 1987 in SaskatchewanMay 2000
Reptiles (2)
2, 5Lizard, Pygmy
Phrynosoma douglassiiBritish Columbia populationBClast reported in 1898, near Osoyoos, BCMay 2000
2, 5Rattlesnake, TimberCrotalus horridus ON1941May 2000
Amphibians (0)
Fishes (2)
2, 5Chub, GravelErimystax x-punctatus ONlast reported in 1958, Thames River drainageMay 2000
2, 5Paddlefish
Polyodon spathula ON1917May 2000
Lepidopterans (3)
2, 5Blue, KarnerLycaeides melissa samuelis ON1991May 2000
2, 5Elfin, Frosted
Callophrys [Incisalia] irus ON1988May 2000
2, 5Marble, Island
Euchloe ausonides BC1910May 2000
Molluscs (1)
2, 5Wedgemussel, DwarfAlasmidonta heterodon NB1968May 2000
Plants (2)
2, 5Blue-eyed MaryCollinsia verna ONnot observed since 1954May 2000
2, 5Tick-trefoil, IllinoisDesmodium illinoense ONnot observed since 1888May 2000
Mosses (0)
Lichens (0)

Endangered Category (115)
Taxon / Assessment DetailsCommon NameScientific NamePopulation NameHistorical Range of OccurenceExamination Date
Mammals (15)
1Badger jacksoni subspecies, AmericanTaxidea taxus jacksoni ONMay 2000
1Badger jeffersonii subspecies, AmericanTaxidea taxus jeffersonii BCMay 2000
 Caribou, PearyRangifer tarandus pearyiBanks Island populationNTApr 1991
 Caribou, PearyRangifer tarandus pearyiHigh Arctic populationNT NUApr 1991
1, 3Caribou, WoodlandRangifer tarandus caribouAtlantic-Gaspésie populationQCMay 2000
2, 5Fox, SwiftVulpes velox AB SKMay 2000
2+, 5Marmot, Vancouver IslandMarmota vancouverensis BCMay 2000
2, 5Marten, AmericanMartes americana atrataNewfoundland populationNFMay 2000
 Whale, BelugaDelphinapterus leucasSoutheast Baffin Island-Cumberland SoundNU NF Arctic OceanApr 1990
 Whale, BelugaDelphinapterus leucasUngava Bay populationNU QC Arctic Ocean Atlantic OceanApr 1988
5Whale, BelugaDelphinapterus leucasSt. Lawrence River populationQCApr 1980
 Whale, BowheadBalaena mysticetusEastern Arctic populationNU Arctic OceanApr 1980
 Whale, BowheadBalaena mysticetusWestern Arctic populationYT NT NU Arctic OceanApr 1986
5Whale, RightEubalaena glacialis Atlantic Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Apr 1990
 WolverineGulo guloEastern populationQC NFApr 1989
Birds (19)
 Bobwhite, NorthernColinus virginianus ONApr 1994
1, 3Chat, Western Yellow-breastedIcteria virens auricollisBritish Columbia populationBCNov 2000
1, 5Crane, WhoopingGrus americana NT ABNov 2000
1, 5Curlew, EskimoNumenius borealis YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NFMay 2000
1, 5Flycatcher, AcadianEmpidonax virescens ONNov 2000
2, 5Grouse, Sage
Centrocercus urophasianusPrairie populationAB SKMay 2000
2, 5Owl, BarnTyto albaEastern populationON QCMay 2000
2, 5Owl, BurrowingSpeotyto cunicularia BC AB SK MBMay 2000
2, 5Owl, Northern SpottedStrix occidentalis caurina BCMay 2000
1Plover circumcinctus subspecies, PipingCharadrius melodus circumcinctus AB SK MB ONMay 2001
1Plover melodus subspecies, PipingCharadrius melodus melodus QC NB NS PE NFMay 2001
1, 5Plover, MountainCharadrius montanus AB SKNov 2000
1, 5Rail, KingRallus elegans ONNov 2000
1, 5Shrike, Eastern LoggerheadLanius ludovicianus migrans MB ON QCNov 2000
1, 5Sparrow, Henslow'sAmmodramus henslowii ONNov 2000
2, 5Tern, RoseateSterna dougallii QC NB NSOct 1999
1, 5Thrasher, SageOreoscoptes montanus BC AB SKNov 2000
2, 5Warbler, Kirtland'sDendroica kirtlandii ONMay 2000
2, 5Warbler, ProthonotaryProtonotaria citrea ONMay 2000
1, 3Woodpecker,
Picoides albolarvatus BCNov 2000
Reptiles (5)
 Racer, BlueColuber constrictor foxii ONApr 1991
 Snake, Lake Erie WaterNerodia sipedon insularum ONApr 1991
1Snake, NightHypsiglena torquata BCMay 2001
2, 5Snake, Sharp-tailedContia tenuis BCOct 1999
1, 5Turtle, LeatherbackDermochelys coriacea Pacific Ocean Atlantic OceanMay 2001
Amphibians (4)
1, 5Frog, Northern CricketAcris crepitans ONMay 2001
2, 5Frog, Northern LeopardRana pipiensSouthern Mountain populationBCMay 2000
1, 5Frog, Oregon SpottedRana pretiosa  May 2000
1Frog, Rocky Mountain TailedAscaphus montanus BCMay 2000
Fishes (10)
2, 5Dace, NooksackRhinichthys sp. BCMay 2000
2, 3Lamprey, Morrison CreekLampetra richardsoni BCMay 2000
1Salmon, AtlanticSalmo salarInner Bay of Fundy populationsNB NS (rarely NF)
Atlantic Ocean
May 2001
2, 3Stickleback, Benthic
Paxton Lake
Gasterosteus sp. BCMay 2000
2, 3Stickleback, Benthic Vananda CreekGasterosteus sp. BCMay 2000
2, 3Stickleback, Limnetic Paxton LakeGasterosteus sp. BCMay 2000
1, 3Stickleback, Limnetic Vananda CreekGasterosteus sp. BCMay 2000
2, 3Sucker, SalishCatostomus sp. BCApr 1986
1, 5Trout, AuroraSalvelinus fontinalis timagamiensis ONMay 2000
1, 5Whitefish, AtlanticCoregonus huntsmani NSNov 2000
Lepidopterans (3)
1Blue, IslandPlebejus saepiolus insulanus BCNov 2000
1Checkerspot, Taylor'sEuphydryas editha taylori BCNov 2000
2, 5Ringlet, MaritimeCoenonympha tullia nipisiquit QC NBMay 2000
Molluscs (7)
2, 5Bean, RayedVillosa fabalis ONMay 2000
2, 5Lampmussel, Wavy-rayedLampsilis fasciola ONOct 1999
1Mussel, MudpuppySimpsonais ambigua ONMay 2001
2, 5Physa, HotwaterPhysella wrighti BCMay 2000
2+, 5Riffleshell, NorthernEpioblasma torulosa rangiana ONMay 2000
2, 3Snail, Banff SpringsPhysella johnsoni ABMay 2000
1SnuffboxEpioblasma triquetra ONMay 2001
Plants (49)
2+, 5Agalinis, Gattinger'sAgalinis gattingeri ONMay 2001
2, 5Agalinis, Skinner'sAgalinis skinneriana ONMay 2000
2, 5Ammannia, ScarletAmmannia robusta BC ONMay 2001
1, 5Avens, Eastern MountainGeum peckii NSMay 2000
2, 5Balsamroot, DeltoidBalsamorhiza deltoidea BCMay 2000
2, 5BlueheartsBuchnera americana ONMay 2000
1+, 5Braya, Long'sBraya longii NFMay 2000
2Bugbane, TallCimicifuga elata BCMay 2000
1, 3Bulrush, BashfulTrichophorum planifolium ONMay 2000
2, 5Bush-clover, SlenderLespedeza virginica ONMay 2000
1, 5Buttercup, Water-plantainRanunculus alismaefolius var. alismaefolius BCMay 2000
2, 5Cactus, Eastern Prickly PearOpuntia humifusa ONMay 2000
2, 5Coreopsis, PinkCoreopsis rosea NSMay 2000
2, 5Cryptanthe, TinyCryptantha minima AB SKMay 2000
1, 5Fern, Southern MaidenhairAdiantum capillus-veneris BCMay 2000
2, 5Gentian, White PrairieGentiana alba ONMay 2000
1, 5Ginseng, AmericanPanax quinquefolium ON QCMay 2000
2+, 3Goat's-rue, VirginiaTephrosia virginiana ONMay 2000
1, 5Goldenrod, ShowySolidago speciosa var. rigidiuscula ONMay 2000
2, 5Lady's-slipper, Small WhiteCypripedium candidum MBMay 2000
1, 5Lotus, Seaside Birds-footLotus formosissimus BCMay 2000
1, 5Lousewort, Furbish'sPedicularis furbishiae NBMay 2000
2, 5Lupine, PrairieLupinus lepidus var. lepidus BCMay 2000
2, 5Milkwort, PinkPolygala incarnata ONMay 2000
2, 5Mountain-mint, HoaryPycnanthemum incanum ONMay 2000
2, 5Mulberry, RedRed Morus rubra ONMay 2000
1, 5Orchid, Western Prairie FringedPlatanthera praeclara MBMay 2000
2, 5Owl-clover, BeardedTriphysaria versicolor ssp. versicolor BCMay 2000
2+, 3Paintbrush, GoldenCastilleja levisecta BCMay 2000
2, 5Plantain, Heart-leavedPlantago cordata ONMay 2000
2, 5Pogonia, Large WhorledIsotria verticillata ONMay 2000
2, 5Pogonia, NoddingTriphora trianthophora ONMay 2000
2, 5Pogonia, Small WhorledIsotria medeoloides ONMay 2000
2, 5Quillwort, Englemann'sIsoëtes engelmannii ONMay 2001
1Sanicle, Bear's-footSanicula arctopoides BCMay 2001
2, 3Sedge, False HopCarex lupuliformis ON QCMay 2000
1, 5Sedge, JuniperCarex juniperorum ONMay 2000
1Spike-rush, HorsetailEleocharis equisetoides ONNov 2000
2, 5Sundew, Thread-leavedDrosera filiformis NSMay 2001
2, 5Thistle, Pitcher'sCirsium pitcheri ONMay 2000
2, 5ToothcupRotala ramosior BC ONMay 2000
2, 5Tree, CucumberMagnolia acuminata ONMay 2000
2, 5Trillium, DroopingTrillium flexipes ONMay 2000
2+, 5Twayblade, PurpleLiparis liliifolia ONMay 2001
1Willow, BarrensSalix jejuna NFMay 2001
2, 5Wintergreen, SpottedChimaphila maculata ONMay 2000
2+, 5Wood-poppyStylophorum diphyllum ONMay 2000
2, 3Woodsia, Blunt-lobedWoodsia obtusa ON QCMay 2000
1Woolly-heads, TallPsilocarphus elatiorPacific populationBCMay 2001
Mosses (1)
2+, 3Moss, AppleBartramia stricta BCMay 2000
Lichens (1)
2, 5Seaside CentipedeHeterodermia sitchensis BCMay 2000

Threatened Category (82)
Taxon / Assessment DetailsCommon NameScientific NamePopulation NameHistorical Range of OccurenceExamination Date
Mammals (13)
1, 3Bat, PallidAntrozous pallidus BCMay 2000
1, 5Bison, WoodBison bison athabascae YT NT BC ABMay 2000
 Caribou, PearyRangifer tarandus pearyiLow Arctic populationNT NUApr 1991
1Caribou, WoodlandRangifer tarandus caribouSouthern Mountain populationBC ABMay 2000
1Caribou, WoodlandRangifer tarandus caribouBoreal populationNT BC AB SK MB ON QC NFMay 2000
1, 3Ermine haidarum subspeciesMustela erminea haidarum BCMay 2001
 Mole, Townsend'sScapanus townsendii BCApr 1996
2, 5Otter, SeaEnhydra lutris Pacific coastal watersMay 2000
5Porpoise, HarbourPhocoena phocoenaNorthwest Atlantic populationAtlantic OceanApr 1991
2+, 5Shrew, Pacific WaterSorex bendirii BCMay 2000
 Whale, BelugaDelphinapterus leucasEastern Hudson Bay populationQC Atlantic OceanApr 1988
 Whale, HumpbackMegaptera novaeangliaeNorth Pacific populationPacific OceanApr 1985
 Whale, KillerOrcinus orcaNorth Pacific "resident" populationsPacific OceanApr 1999
Birds (6)
2, 5Falcon, Anatum PeregrineFalco peregrinus anatum YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS NFMay 2000
1, 3Goshawk, Queen CharlotteAccipiter gentilis laingi BCNov 2000
1, 5Murrelet, MarbledBrachyramphus marmoratus BCNov 2000
2, 5Pipit, Sprague'sAnthus spragueii AB SK MBMay 2000
 Shrike, Prairie LoggerheadLanius ludovicianus excubitorides AB SK MBApr 1986
1, 5Warbler, HoodedWilsonia citrina ONNov 2000
Reptiles (6)
 Rattlesnake, Eastern MassasaugaSistrurus catenatus catenatus ONApr 1991
2, 5Snake, Black RatElaphe obsoleta obsoleta ONMay 2000
2, 5Snake, Eastern FoxElaphe vulpina gloydi ONMay 2000
2, 5Snake, QueenRegina septemvittata ONMay 2000
 Turtle, Blanding'sEmydoidea blandingiNova Scotia populationNSApr 1991
 Turtle, Spiny SoftshellApalone spinifera ON QCApr 1991
Amphibians (3)
1Salamander, JeffersonAmbystoma jeffersonianum ONNov 2000
1, 3Salamander, Pacific GiantDicamptodon tenebrosus BCNov 2000
2+ 5Toad, Fowler'sBufo fowleri ONNov 2000
Fishes (18)
 Cisco, BlackfinCoregonus nigripinnis ONApr 1988
 Cisco, ShortjawCoregonus zenithicus NT AB SK MB ONApr 1987
 Cisco, ShortnoseCoregonus reighardi ONApr 1987
 Darter, ChannelPercina copelandi ON QCApr 1991
2, 5Darter, Eastern SandAmmocrypta pellucida ON QCNov 2000
2, 3Gar, SpottedLepisosteus oculatus ONNov 2000
2, 3Lamprey, Cowichan LakeLampetra macrostoma BCNov 2000
 Madtom, MarginedNoturus insignis ON QCApr 1989
 Redhorse, BlackMoxostoma duquesnei ONApr 1988
 Redhorse, CopperMoxostoma hubbsi QCApr 1987
2, 3Sculpin, Cultus PygmyCottus sp. BCNov 2000
 Sculpin, DeepwaterMyoxocephalus thompsoniGreat Lakes populationsONApr 1987
2, 5Sculpin, ShortheadCottus confusus BCMay 2001
2, 5Smelt, Lake UtopiaDwarf Osmerus sp. NBMay 2000
 Sticklebacks, Enos LakeGasterosteus spp. BCApr 1988
 Whitefish, LakeCoregonus clupeaformisLake Simcoe populationONApr 1987
1Wolffish, NorthernAnarhichas denticulatus Arctic Ocean Atlantic OceanMay 2001
1Wolffish, SpottedAnarhichas minor Arctic Ocean Atlantic OceanMay 2001
Lepidopterans (2)
1Hairstreak, Behr's (Columbia)Satyrium behrii columbia BCNov 2000
1Skipper, DunEuphyes vestrisWestern populationBCNov 2000
Molluscs (1)
2, 5Abalone, NorthernHaliotis kamtschatkana Pacific coastal watersMay 2000
Plants (33)
1, 5Aster, AnticostiSymphyotrichum anticostense QC NBMay 2000
1, 3Aster, Western Silver-leavedSymphyotrichum sericeum MB ONMay 2000
 Aster, White WoodEurybia divaricata ON QCApr 1995
2+ 5Aster, White-topSericocarpus rigidus BCMay 2000
1, 3Blazing Star, DenseLiatris spicata ONMay 2001
1, 5Blue-flag, WesternIris missouriensis ABMay 2000
2+, 5Braya, Fernald'sBraya fernaldii NFMay 2000
 Chestnut, AmericanCastanea dentata ONApr 1987
1, 5Coffee-tree, KentuckyGymnocladus dioicus ONNov 2000
1, 5ColicrootAletris farinosa ONNov 2000
1Corydalis, Scouler'sCorydalis scouleri BCMay 2001
1, 5DeerberryVaccinium stamineum ONNov 2000
2, 5Fern, Mexican MosquitoAzolla mexicana BCMay 2000
2, 5Gentian, PlymouthSabatia kennedyana NSMay 2000
2, 5Golden CrestLophiola aurea NSMay 2000
2, 5GoldensealHydrastis canadensis ONMay 2000
2+ 5Greenbrier, Round-leavedSmilax rotundifoliaGreat Lakes Plains populationONMay 2001
 Jacob's Ladder, van Brunt'sPolemonium van-bruntiae QCApr 1991
2Lily, Lyall's MariposaCalochortus lyallii BCMay 2001
 Lipocarpha, Small-floweredLipocarpha micrantha BC ONApr 1992
2+ 4Mouse-ear-cress, SlenderHalimolobos virgata AB SKMay 2000
2, 3Orchid, PhantomCephalanthera austiniae BCMay 2000
2+ 5Prairie-clover, HairyDalea villosa var. villosa SK MBMay 2000
2, 5RedrootLachnanthes caroliana NSMay 2000
2Sanicle, PurpleSanicula bipinnatifida BCMay 2001
2, 3SoapweedYucca glauca ABMay 2000
 Spiderwort, WesternTradescantia occidentalis AB MBApr 1992
2Spike-rush, TubercledEleocharis tuberculosa NSMay 2000
 Verbena, SandAbronia micrantha AB SKApr 1992
 Violet, Bird's-footViola pedata ONApr 1990
2, 5Violet, Yellow MontaneViola praemorsa ssp. praemorsa BCMay 2000
2, 5Water-pennywortHydrocotyle umbellata NSMay 2000
2, 5Water-willow, AmericanJusticia americana ON QCMay 2000
Mosses (0)
Lichens (0)

Special Concern Category (155)
Taxon / Assessment DetailsCommon NameScientific NamePopulation NameHistorical Range of OccurenceExamination Date
Mammals (24)
 Bat, FringedMyotis thysanodes BCApr 1988
 Bat, Keen's Long-earedMyotis keenii BCApr 1988
 Bat, SpottedEuderma maculatum BCApr 1988
 Bear, GrizzlyUrsus arctos YT NT NU BC ABApr 1991
5Bear, PolarUrsus maritimus YT NT NU MB ON QC NFApr 1999
3Beaver, MountainAplodontia rufa BCApr 1999
 Cottontail, Nuttall'sSylvilagus nuttallii nuttalliiBritish Columbia populationBCApr 1991
 Fox, GreyUrocyon cinereoargenteus MB ON QCApr 1979
2, 5Mole, EasternScalopus aquaticus ONNov 2000
 Mouse megalotis, Western HarvestReithrodontomys megalotisBritish Columbia populationBCApr 1994
2, 5Prairie Dog, Black-tailedCynomys ludovicianus SKNov 2000
 Rat, Ord's KangarooDipodomys ordii AB SKApr 1995
 Seal, HarbourPhoca vitulina mellonaeLac des Loups Marins landlocked populationQCApr 1996
 Shrew, GaspéSorex gaspensis QC NB NSApr 1988
 Squirrel, Southern FlyingGlaucomys volans ON QC NB NSApr 1988
 Vole, WoodlandMicrotus pinetorum ON QCApr 1998
 Whale, BelugaDelphinapterus leucasEastern High Arctic / Baffin Bay populationNU Arctic OceanApr 1992
 Whale, BlueBalaenoptera musculus Atlantic Ocean PacificOceanApr 1983
 Whale, FinBalaenoptera physalus Atlantic Ocean Pacific OceanApr 1987
 Whale, HumpbackMegaptera novaeangliaeWestern North Atlantic populationAtlantic OceanApr 198
 Whale, KillerOrcinus orcaNorth Pacific "transient" populationPacific OceanApr 1999
 Whale, Northern BottlenoseHyperoodon ampullatusGully populationAtlantic OceanApr 1996
 Whale, Sowerby's BeakedMesoplodon bidens Atlantic OceanApr 1989
2, 0Wolf, EasternCanis lupus lycaon ON QCMay 2001
 WolverineGulo guloWestern populationYT NT NU BC AB SK MB ONApr 1989
Birds (23)
5Bittern, LeastIxobrychus exilis MB ON QC NBApr 1999
1, 5Chat, Eastern Yellow-breastedIcteria virens virens ONNov 2000
 Curlew, Long-billedNumenius americanus BC AB SKApr 1992
1, 4Duck, HarlequinHistrionicus histrionicusEastern populationNU QC NB NS NFMay 2001
5Falcon, Peale's PeregrineFalco peregrinus pealei BCApr 1999
4Falcon, Tundra PeregrineFalco peregrinus tundrius YT NT NU QC NFApr 1992
1Goldeneye, Barrow'sBucephala islandicaEastern populationQC NB NS PE NFNov 2000
5Gull, IvoryPagophila eburnea NT NU BC MB ON QCApr 1996
5Gull, Ross'Rhodostethia rosea NU MBApr 1996
4Hawk, FerruginousButeo regalis AB SK MBApr 1995
5Hawk, Red-shoulderedButeo lineatus ON QCApr 1996
 Heron, Pacific Great BlueArdea herodias fannini BCApr 1997
 Murrelet, AncientSynthliboramphus antiquus BCApr 1993
 Owl, BarnTyto albaWestern populationBCApr 1999
5Owl, FlammulatedOtus flammeolus BCApr 1999
 Owl, Short-earedAsio flammeus YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NFApr 1994
 Rail, YellowCoturnicops noveboracensis NT AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PEApr 1999
1, 5Sparrow, princeps "Ipswich" SavannahPasserculus sandwichensis NSMay 2000
 Thrush, Bicknell'sCatharus bicknelli QC NB NSApr 1999
 Warbler, CeruleanDendroica cerulea ON QCApr 1993
5Waterthrush, LouisianaSeiurus motacilla ON QCApr 1996
 Woodpecker, Lewis'Melanerpes lewis BCApr 1999
 Woodpecker, Red-headedMelanerpes erythrocephalus SK MB ON QCApr 1996
Reptiles (8)
 Lizard, Eastern Short-hornedPhrynosoma douglassii brevirostre AB SKApr 1992
 Racer, Eastern Yellow-belliedColuber constrictor flaviventris SKApr 1991
 Skink, Five-linedEumeces fasciatus ONApr 1998
 Skink, Northern PrairieEumeces septentrionalis septentrionalis MBApr 1989
 Snake, Butler's GarterThamnophis butleri ONApr 1999
 Snake, Eastern HognoseHeterodon platirhinos ONApr 1997
 Turtle, SpottedClemmys guttata ON QCApr 1991
 Turtle, WoodClemmys insculpta ON QC NB NSApr 1996
Amphibians (9)
1Frog, Coast TailedAscaphus truei BCMay 2000
 Frog, Northern LeopardRana pipiensPrairie populationAB SK MBApr 1998
 Frog, Northern Red-leggedRana aurora BCApr 1999
 Salamander, Coeur d'AlènePlethodon idahoensis BCApr 1998
 Salamander, Mountain DuskyDesmognathus ochrophaeus QCApr 1998
 Salamander, SmallmouthAmbystoma texanum ONApr 1991
 Salamander, SpringGyrinophilus porphyriticus QCApr 1999
 Toad, Great Basin SpadefootSpea intermontana BCApr 1998
 Toad, Great PlainsBufo cognatus AB SK MBApr 1999
Fishes (40)
 Buffalo, BigmouthIctiobus cyprinellus SK MB ONApr 1989
 Buffalo, BlackIctiobus niger ONApr 1989
1, 5Chub, SilverMacrhybopsis storeriana MB ONMay 2001
 Chubsucker, LakeErimyzon sucetta ONApr 1994
 Cisco, SpringCoregonus sp. QCApr 1992
 Cod, AtlanticGadus morhua Atlantic OceanApr 1998
 Dace, RedsideClinostomus elongatus ONApr 1987
 Dace, SpeckledRhinichthys osculus BCApr 1980
 Dace, UmatillaRhinichthys umatilla BCApr 1988
 Darter, GreensideEtheostoma blennioides ONApr 1990
 Killifish, BandedFundulus diaphanusNewfoundland populationNFApr 1989
 KiyiCoregonus kiyi ONApr 1988
 Lamprey, ChestnutIchthyomyzon castaneus SK MBApr 1991
 Lamprey, Northern BrookIchthyomyzon fossor MB ON QCApr 1991
0Madtom, NorthernNoturus stigmosus ONApr 1998
1, 5Minnow, PugnoseOpsopoeodus emiliae ONMay 2000
 Minnow, Western SilveryHybognathus argyritis ABApr 1997
 Prickleback, BlacklineAcantholumpenus mackayi Arctic OceanApr 1989
5Redhorse, RiverMoxostoma carinatum ON QCApr 1987
 Sardine, PacificSardinops sagax Pacific OceanApr 1987
1Sculpin, Columbia MottledCottus bairdi hubbsi BCMay 2000
 Sculpin, FourhornMyoxocephalus quadricornisFreshwater formNT NU Arctic IslandsApr 1989
 Shiner, BigmouthNotropis dorsalis MBApr 1985
 Shiner, BridleNotropis bifrenatus ONApr 1999
 Shiner, PugnoseNotropis anogenus ONApr 1985
 Shiner, RosyfaceNotropis rubellusManitoba populationMBApr 1994
5Shiner, SilverNotropis photogenis ONApr 1987
 Stickleback, Charlotte UnarmouredGasterosteus aculeatus BCApr 1983
 Stickleback, GiantGasterosteus sp. BCApr 1980
 Sturgeon, GreenAcipenser medirostris BCApr 1987
 Sturgeon, ShortnoseAcipenser brevirostrum NBApr 1980
 Sturgeon, WhiteAcipenser transmontanus BCApr 1990
5Sucker, SpottedMinytrema melanops ONApr 1994
 Sunfish, OrangespottedLepomis humilis ONApr 1989
 Sunfish, RedbreastLepomis auritus NBApr 1989
1, 5Topminnow, BlackstripeFundulus notatus ONMay 2001
 WarmouthLepomis gulosus ONApr 1994
 Whitefish, SquangaCoregonus sp. YTApr 1987
1Wolffish, AtlanticAnarhichas lupus North Atlantic OceanNov 2000
 Wolffish, BeringAnarhichas orientalis Arctic OceanApr 1989
Lepidopterans (2)
 MonarchDanaus plexippus BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NFApr 1997
1Weidemeyer's AdmiralLimenitis weidemeyerii ABMay 2000
Molluscs (1)
1Oyster, OlympiaOstrea conchaphila BCNov 2000
Plants (44)
1, 4Ash, BlueFraxinus quadrangulata ONNov 2000
 Aster, BathurstSymphyotrichum subulatumBathurst populationNBApr 1992
 Aster, Crooked-stemSymphyotrichum prenanthoides ONApr 1999
 Aster, Gulf of St. LawrenceSymphyotrichum laurentianum QC NB PEApr 1989
 Aster, WillowSymphyotrichum praealtum ONApr 1999
 Bartonia, BranchedBartonia paniculata ssp. paniculata ONApr 1992
 BuffalograssBuchloë dacyloides SK MBApr 1998
 Bulrush, Long'sScirpus longii NSApr 1994
 Columbo, AmericanFrasera caroliniensis ONApr 1993
1Fern, American Hart's-tongue americanumAsplenium scolopendrium var. ONNov 2000
 Fern, Broad BeechPhegopteris hexagonoptera ON QCApr 1983
 Fern, Coastal WoodDryopteris arguta BCApr 1998
 Fleabane, Provancher'sErigeron philadelphicus ssp. provancheri QCApr 1992
 Gentian, Victorin'sGentianopsis victorinii QCApr 1987
1Goldenrod, Riddell'sSolidago riddellii MB ONNov 2000
 Goosefoot, SmoothChenopodium subglabrum AB SK MBApr 1992
 Green DragonArisaema dracontium ON QCApr 1984
 Hackberry, DwarfCeltis tenuifolia ONApr 1985
 Hairgrass, MackenzieDeschampsia mackenzieana SKApr 1999
4Helleborine, GiantEpipactis gigantea BCApr 1998
 Hop-tree, CommonPtelea trifoliata ON QCApr 1984
 Hyacinth, WildCamassia scilloides ONApr 1990
5Indian-plantain, TuberousArnoglossum plantagineum ONApr 1999
 LilaeopsisLilaeopsis chinensis NSApr 1987
 Locoweed, Hare-footedOxytropis lagopus ABApr 1995
 Meadowfoam, Macoun'sLimnanthes macounii BCApr 1988
 Milk-vetch, Fernald'sAstragalus robbinsii var. fernaldii QC NFApr 1997
5Oak, ShumardQuercus shumardii ONApr 1999
 Orchid, Eastern Prairie FringedPlatanthera leucophaea ONApr 1986
2+, 4Pepperbush, SweetClethra alnifolia NSMay 2001
 Pondweed, Hill'sPotamogeton hillii ONApr 1986
 Quillwort, Bolander'sIsoëtes bolanderi ABApr 1995
 Rose, Climbing PrairieRosa setigera ONApr 1986
 Rose-mallow, SwampHibiscus moscheutos ONApr 1987
 Rue-anemone, FalseEnemion biternatum ONApr 1990
 Rush, New JerseyJuncus caesariensis NSApr 1992
1Tansy, FloccoseTanacetum huronense var. floccosum SKMay 2000
4Thrift, AthabascaArmeria maritima ssp. interior SKApr 1999
 Water-hemlock, Victorin'sCicuta maculata var. victorinii QCApr 1987
1Willow, Felt-leafSalix silicicola NU SKMay 2000
1Willow, Sand-dune Short-capsuledSalix brachycarpa var. psammophila SKMay 2000
1Willow, Turnor'sSalix turnorii SKMay 2000
1Woolly-heads, TallPsilocarphus elatiorPrairie populationAB SKMay 2001
1Yarrow, Large-headed WoollyAchillea millefolium var. megacephalum SKMay 2000
Mosses (0)
Lichens (3)
 Cryptic PawNephroma occultum BCApr 1995
 Oldgrowth SpecklebellyPseudocyphellaria rainierensis BCApr 1996
 Seaside BoneHypogymnia heterophylla BCApr 1996

List 2. Species examined and designated in the NOT AT RISK category with geographical occurrence
and date of last examination (140 species).

Special Concern Category (155)
Taxon / Assessment DetailsCommon NameScientific NamePopulation NameHistorical Range of OccurenceExamination Date
Mammals (24)
1Badger taxus subspecies, AmericanTaxidae taxus taxus AB SK MBMay 2000
5Bear, American BlackUrsus americanus YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS NFApr 1999
1,5Caribou, WoodlandRangifer tarandus caribouNewfoundland populationNFMay 2000
1Caribou, WoodlandRangifer tarandus caribouNorthern Mountain populationYT NT BCMay 2000
5Cottontail, Nuttall'sSylvilagus nuttallii pinetisPrairie populationAB SKApr 1994
 Dolphin, Atlantic White-sidedLagenorhynchus acutus Atlantic OceanApr 1991
 Dolphin, BottlenoseTursiops truncatus Atlantic OceanApr 1993
 Dolphin, CommonDelphinus delphis Atlantic Ocean Pacific OceanApr 1991
 Dolphin, Northern Right WhaleLissodelphis borealis Pacific OceanApr 1990
 Dolphin, Pacific White-sidedLagenorhynchus obliquidens Pacific OceanApr 1990
 Dolphin, Risso'sGrampus griseus Atlantic Ocean Pacific OceanApr 1990
 Dolphin, StripedStenella coeruleoalba Atlantic Ocean Pacific OceanApr 1993
 Dolphin, White-beakedLagenorhynchus albirostris North Atlantic OceanApr 1998
6Gopher, Plains PocketGeomys bursarius MBApr 1998
1,5Lynx, CanadaLynx canadensis YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS NFMay 2001
5NarwhalMonodon monceros Arctic OceanApr 1987
 Porpoise, Dall'sPhocoenoides dalli Pacific OceanApr 1989
 Sea Lion, CaliforniaZalophus californianus Pacific coastal watersApr 1987
 Sea Lion, StellerEumetopias jubatus Pacific coastal watersApr 1987
Seal, BeardedErignathus barbatus Arctic and Atlantic coastal watersApr 1994
 Seal, GreyHalichoerus grypus Atlantic coastal watersApr 1999
 Seal, HarbourPhoca vitulina richardsi Pacific coastal watersApr 1999
 Seal, HoodedCystophora cristata Atlantic coastal watersApr 1986
 Seal, Northern ElephantMirounga angustirostris Pacific coastal watersApr 1986
 Seal, Northern FurCallorhinus ursinus Pacific coastal watersApr 1996
 Seal, RingedPhoca hispida Arctic and Atlantic coastal watersApr 1989
 Squirrel, Cascade Mantled GroundSpermophilus saturatus BCApr 1992
 Squirrel, FoxSciurus niger MB ONApr 1979
 Walrus, AtlanticOdobenus rosmarus rosmarusEastern Arctic populationArctic OceanApr 1987
6Weasel, Long-tailedMustela frenata longicaudaPrairie populationAB SK MBApr 1993
 Whale, Baird'sBeaked Berardius bairdii Pacific OceanApr 1992
 Whale, BelugaDelphinapterus leucasBeaufort Sea / Arctic Ocean populationArctic OceanApr 1985
 Whale, BelugaDelphinapterus leucasWestern Hudson Bay populationArctic OceanApr 1993
 Whale, Blainville's BeakedMesoplodon densirostris Atlantic OceanApr 1989
 Whale, Cuvier's BeakedZiphius cavirostris Atlantic Ocean Pacific OceanApr 1990
 Whale, False KillerPseudorca crassidens Pacific OceanApr 1990
 Whale, GreyEschrichtius robustusNortheast Pacific populationPacific OceanApr 1987
 Whale, Hubb's BeakedMesoplodon carlhubbsi Pacific OceanApr 1989
 Whale, Long-finnedPilot Globicephala melas Atlantic OceanApr 1994
 Whale, Northern BottlenoseHyperoodon ampullatus Atlantic OceanApr 1993
 Whale, Pygmy SpermKogia breviceps Atlantic Ocean Pacific OceanApr 1994
 Whale, Short-finnedPilot Globicephala macrorhynchus Pacific OceanApr 1993
 Whale, SpermPhyseter macrocephalus Atlantic Ocean Pacific OceanApr 1996
 Whale, Stejneger's BeakedMesoplodon stejneri Pacific OceanApr 1989
 Whale, True's BeakedMesoplodon mirus Atlantic OceanApr 1989
 Wolf, Northern GreyCanis lupus occidentalis YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NFApr 1999
 Wolf, Southern GreyCanis lupus nubilus BCApr 1999
Birds (35)
6Bluebird, EasternSialia sialis AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PEApr 1996
1, 5Chat, Western Yellow-breastedIcteria virens auricollisPrairie populationAB SKNov 2000
 Coot, AmericanFulica americana YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NSApr 1991
 Cormorant, Double-crestedPhalocrocorax auritus YT NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NFApr 1978
 Crane, Greater SandhillGrus canadensis tabida BC MB ONApr 1979
 Eagle, BaldHaliaeetus leucocephalus YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NFApr 1984
5Eagle, GoldenAquila chrysaetos YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NFApr 1996
5Falcon, PrairieFalco mexicanus BC AB SKApr 1996
 Flycatcher, GreyEmpidonax wrightii BCApr 1992
 Goshawk, NorthernAccipiter gentilis atricapillus YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NFApr 1995
 Grebe, Red-neckedPodiceps grisegena YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NS NFApr 1982
5GyrfalconFalco rusticolus YT NT NU BC AB SK ON QC NS PE NFApr 1987
 Harrier, NorthernCircus cyaneus YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NFApr 1993
6Hawk, Cooper'sAccipiter cooperii BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NSApr 1996
 Hawk, Red-tailedButeo jamaicensis YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NFApr 1995
 Hawk, Rough-leggedButeo lagopus YT NT NU BC MB ON QC NFApr 1995
5Hawk, Sharp-shinnedAccipiter striatus YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NFApr 1997
 Loon, CommonGavia immer YT T NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NFApr 1997
 Loon, Yellow-billedGavia adamsii YT NT NU BC AB MB QCApr 1997
 MerlinFalco columbarius YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NFApr 1985
 Owl, BorealAegolius funereus YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NFApr 1995
6Owl, Great GreyStrix nebulosa YT NT BC AB SK MB ON QCApr 1996
 Owl, Northern HawkSurnia ulula YT NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NFApr 1992
 Owl, SnowyNyctea scandiaca YT NT NU MB QC NFApr 1995
6Pelican, American WhitePelecanus erythrorhynchos BC AB SK MB ONApr 1987
 Screech-Owl, EasternOtus asio SK MB ON QC NBApr 1986
6Sparrow, Baird'sAmmodramus bairdii AB SK MBApr 1996
 Sparrow, Nelson's Sharp-tailedAmmodramus nelsoni BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PEApr 1998
6Swan, TrumpeterCygnus buccinator YT NT BC AB SK ONApr 1996
5Tern, BlackChlidonias niger NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NSApr 1996
6Tern, CaspianSterna caspia NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NFApr 1999
 Tern, CommonSterna hirundo NT AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NFApr 1998
6Warbler, PrairieDendroica discolorv ONApr 1999
 Wren, CanyonCatherpes mexicanus BCApr 1992
 Wren, SedgeCistothorus platensis AB SK MB ON QC NBApr 1993
Reptiles (1)
 Racer, Western Yellow-belliedColuber constrictor mormon BCApr 1991
Amphibians (10)
 EnsatinaEnsatina eschscholtzii BCApr 1999
1Frog, Columbia SpottedRana luteiventris YT BC ABMay 2000
 Frog, Northern LeopardRana pipiensEastern populationON QC NB NS NFApr 1999
 Frog, PickerelRana palustris ON QC NB NSApr 1999
1Frog, Western ChorusPseudacris triseriata ON QCMay 2001
1MudpuppyNecturus maculosus MB ON QCMay 2000
 Salamander, Four-toedHemidactylium scutatum ON QC NB NSApr 1999
 Salamander, Northern DuskyDesmognathus fuscus ON QC NBApr 1999
 Salamander, NorthwesternAmbystoma gracile BCApr 1999
 Treefrog, Cope's GreyHyla chrysoscelis MBApr 1999
Fishes (31)
 BloaterCoregonus hoyi ONApr 1988
 Chub, HornyheadNocomis biguttatus MB ONApr 1988
 Chub, RiverNocomis micropogon ONApr 1988
 Dace, LeopardRhinichthys falcatus BCApr 1990
 Darter, LeastEtheostoma microperca ONApr 1989
 Darter, RiverPercina shumardi MB ONApr 1989
 Darter, TessellatedEthoestoma olmstedi ON QCApr 1993
 Herring, BluebackAlosa aestivalis NB NSApr 1980
 Killifish, BandedFundulus diaphanusMainland populationMB ON QC NB NS PE NFApr 1989
1, 6Madtom, BrindledNoturus miurus ONMay 2001
 Minnow, BluntnosePimephales notatus MB ON QCApr 1998
 Minnow, CutlipsExoglossum maxillingua ON QCApr 1994
 Minnow, Eastern SilveryHybognathus regius ON QCApr 1997
 Pickerel, ChainEsox niger QC NB NSApr 1997
 Pickerel, RedfinEsox americanus americanus QCApr 1998
 Redhorse, GoldenMoxostoma erythrurum MB ONApr 1989
 Sculpin, FourhornMyoxocephalus quadricornisSalt water formArctic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Pacific OceanApr 1989
 Sculpin, SpoonheadCottus ricei YT NT BC AB SK MB ON QCApr 1989
 Shiner, BlackchinNotropis heterodon MB ON QCApr 1994
 Shiner, GhostNotropis buchanani ONApr 1993
 Shiner, RedfinLythrurus umbratilis ONApr 1988
 Shiner, RosyfaceNotropis rubellus ON QCApr 1994
 Shiner, StripedLuxilus chrysocephalus ONApr 1993
 Shiner, WeedNotropis texanus MBApr 1999
 Silverside, BrookLabidesthes sicculus ON QCApr 1989
6Stoneroller, CentralCampostoma anomalum ONApr 1998
 Sturgeon, LakeAcipenser fulvescens AB SK MB ON QCApr 1986
 Sucker, MountainCatostomus platyrhynchus BC AB SKApr 1991
 Sunfish, GreenLepomis cyanellus ONApr 1987
 Sunfish, LongearLepomis megalotis ON QCApr 1987
 Y-PricklebackAllolumpenus hypochromus BCApr 1991
Lepidopterans (0)
Molluscs (0)
Plants (16)
 Aster, Short'sSymphyotrichum shortii ONApr 1999
 Aster, YukonSymphyotrichum yukonense YT NTApr 1996
 Brickellia, Large-floweredBrickellia grandiflora BC ABApr 1996
 FameflowerTalinum sediforme BCApr 1990
 Fleabane, DwarfErigeron radicatus AB SKApr 1996
 Goldenweed, Northern MockStenotus borealis YTApr 1997
 Mermaid, FalseFloerkea proserpinacoides ON QC NSApr 1984
 Phlox, BluePhlox alyssifolia AB SKApr 1996
 Rhododendron, PacificRhododendron macrophyllum BCApr 1997
 Rush, PinkStephanomeria runcinata AB SKApr 1996
 Sagebrush, Wood'sArtemisia rupestris ssp. woodii YTApr 1997
 Sedge, NebraskaCarex nebrascensis ABApr 1995
 Stitchwort, SandStellaria arenicola AB SKApr 1992
 Wallflower, Narrow-leavedErysimum angustatum YTApr 1993
6Willow, Tyrrell'sSalix tyrrellii SKApr 1999
 Wooly-heads, SlenderPsilocarphus tenellus var. tenellus BCApr 1996
Mosses (0)
Lichens (0)

List 3. Species examined and designated in the DATA DEFICIENT category because of insufficient scientific information, with geographic occurrence and date of last examination (23 species).

Data Deficient Category (23)
Taxon / Assessment DetailsCommon NameScientific NamePopulation NameHistorical Range of OccurenceExamination Date
Mammals (8)
0CougarPuma concolor couguarEastern populationON QC NB NSApr 1998
 Mouse, Western HarvestReithrodontomys megalotis dycheiPrairie populationABApr 1994
 Porpoise, HarbourPhocoena phocoenaPacific Ocean populationPacific OceanApr 1991
 Seal, HarbourPhoca vitulina concolor Atlantic and Arctic coastal watersApr 1999
 Vole, SagebrushLemmiscus curtatus AB SKApr 1996
 Whale, Dwarf SpermKogia simus Pacific OceanApr 1997
 Whale, KillerOrcinus orcaNorth Atlantic and Arctic populationsArctic Ocean Atlantic OceanApr 1999
 Wolf, Arctic GreyCanis lupus arctos NT NUApr 1999
Birds (3)
 Poorwill, CommonPhalaenoptilus nuttallii BC AB SKApr 1993
 Screech-Owl, WesternOtus kennicottii BCApr 1995
 Tern, Forster'sSterna forsteri BC AB SK MB ONApr 1996
Reptiles (0)
Fishes (7)
 Catfish, FlatheadPylodictis olivaris ONApr 1993
 ChiselmouthAcrocheilus alutaceus BCApr 1997
 Cisco, BeringCoregonus laurettae YTApr 1990
 Lamprey, DarktailLethenteron alaskense NTApr 1990
 Poacher, PixieOccella impi BCApr 1991
 Sculpin, SpinynoseAsemichthys taylori Pacific coastApr 1997
2, 5Whitefish, LakeCoregonus clupeaformisMira River populationNSNov 2000
Lepidopterans (0)
Molluscs (1)
 Snail, Gatineau TadpolePhysella parkeri latchfordi QCApr 1997
Plants (4)
 Barley, LittleHordeum pusillum ABApr 1993
 Goldenweed, Rabbit-brushEricameria bloomeri BCApr 1997
 Pinweed, ImpoverishedLechea intermedia var. depauperata SKApr 1997
 Whitlow-grass, KananaskisDraba kananaskis ABApr 1992
Mosses (0)
Lichens (0)