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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Red Knot in Canada


Funding for the preparation of this status report was provided by the Canadian Wildlife Service.

A special thanks to the following for supplying unpublished information, reports, or data on knots: Brian Harrington (Manomet Centre for Conservation Sciences, MA); Gary Page (Long Point Bird Observatory, CA); Dennis Paulson (Slater Museum of Natural History, University of Puget Sound, WA); Joe Buchanan (Department of Fish and Wildlife, WA); Susann Myers (Halifax, NS); Dick Dekker (Edmonton, AB); Bev Gingras (Canadian Wildlife Service, Edmonton, AB); Richard Lathrop (Centre for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis, Rutgers University, NJ); Nigel Clarke (British Trust for Ornithology, UK); Phil Atkinson (British Trust for Ornithology, UK); Roland Chiasson and Sabine Dietz, Sackville, NB); Stefen Gerriets, Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre, Sackville, NB); Jeanette Goulet, Newfoundland and Labrador Shorebird Survey Program, St. John’s, NL); Joe Brazil (Department of Environment and Conservation, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Corner Brook, NL); Roger Etcheberry (St. Pierre and Miquelon, France); Paul Linegar (St. John’s NL); Barb Johnston (Parks Canada, Queen Charlotte, BC); Jane Devlin (Parks Canada, Nunavut, Iqaluit, NU); Yves Aubry (Canadian Wildlife Service, Quebec Region, Ste. Foy, QC); Jeff Keith, Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre, Regina, SK); Vicky Johnston (CWS, Yellowknife, NT); Yann Troutet (Parks Canada, Mingan Archipelago, QC).

Authorities Contacted

Federal Departments

Canadian Wildlife Service, Pacific and Yukon Region. Pacific Wildlife Research Centre, Delta, BC (Kevin Fort, Trish Hayes, Rob Butler (Research Scientist, Shorebirds), CWS Whitehorse, YT (Pam Sinclair, Adrian Dorst (Biologist, BC)).

Canadian Wildlife Service, Prairie and Northern Region. CWS Edmonton, AB (Dave Duncan, David Ingstrup, Gerry Beyersbergen, Bev Gingras); CWS Prairie and Northern Research Centre, Saskatoon, SK (Dr. C.L. Gratto-Trevor); CWS Yellowknife, NT (Bruce A. MacDonald, Kevin McCormick, Vicky Johnston); CWS Iqaluit, NU (Siu-Ling Han).

Canadian Wildlife Service, Ontario Region. CWS Downsview (Ken Tuininga, Angela McConnell), CWS Ottawa (Ken Ross, Barbara Campbell).

Canadian Wildlife Service, Atlantic Region. CWS Sackville, NB (Kevin Davidson, Dianne Amirault, Peter Hicklin, John Chardine, Richard Elliot).

Canadian Wildlife Service, Quebec Region. CWS Ste. Foy, QC (Karine Picard, Isabelle Ringuet, Yves Aubry, Richard Cotter).

Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Biodiversity Science Branch, Ottawa, ON (Lara Cooper, Hugh Bain, Garry Rawn).

Parks Canada. Ecological Integrity Branch: Peter Achuff. Bruce Peninsula NP, ON: Frank Burrows; Fathom Five Marine Park, ON: Scott Parker; Forillon NP, QC: Steve Pronovost; Grasslands NP, SK: Rob Sissons; Gros Morne NP, NF: Peter Deering; Gwaii Haanas NP, BC: Barb Johnston; Ivvavik NP, YT: Ian McDonald; Kouchibouguac NP, NB: Eric Tremblay; Mingan Archipelago NP, QC: Nancy Denommee, Yann Troutet; Prince Albert NP, SK: Dan Frandsen; Prince Edward Island NP, Darlene Upton, Ed Robert, Rick Hawkins; Pt. Pelee NP, ON: Vicki McKay, Sarah Rupert, Alan Wormington; Pacific Rim NP, BC: Heather Holmes, Wayne Michano, Fred Michano; Pukaskwa NP, ON: Robin Heron; Quittinirpaaq NP, NU [Ellesmere I]: Vicki Sahanatien; Saguenay-St .Lawrence Marine Park, QC: Nadia Menard; Sirmilik NP, NU [northern Baffin I]: Vicki Sahanatien; St. Lawrence Islands NP, ON: Jeff Leggo; Ukkusiksalik NP, NU [Wager Bay]: Vicki Sahanatien; Wapusk NP, MB [Churchill]: Bob Reside, Melissa Gibbons; Wood Buffalo NP, AB: Stuart Macmillan; Nunavut Field Unit: Jane Devlin.

Provincial and Territorial Departments

Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division, Edmonton, AB. (Gordon Court).

British Columbia, Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, Biodiversity Branch. (David Fraser).

ManitobaConservation, Biodiversity Conservation Section, Winnipeg, MB. (James Duncan, Ken de Smet, Nicole Firlotte).

New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources, Fredericton, NB. (Maureen Toner).

Newfoundland and Labrador Endangered Species and Biodiversity Section, Corner Brook, NL. (Joe Brazil, Jeanette Goulet).

Northwest Territories, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Yellowknife, NT. (Suzanne Carrière).

Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Kentville, NS. (Sherman Boates).

Nunavut Department of the Environment. Arvial, NU. (Michael Setterington).

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Peterborough, ON. (Alan Dextrase).

Prince Edward Island Department of Environment and Energy, Charlottetown, PE. (Rosemary Curley).

Québec Ministère des Ressources naturelles, de la Faune et des Parcs, Québec, QC. (Daniel Banville).

Yukon Department of Environment, Whitehorse, YT. (Thomas Jung).

Conservation Data Centres or Natural Heritage Information Centres

British Columbia Conservation Data Centre, Victoria, BC. (Katrina Stipec, Andy Stewart, Leah Ramsay, Lea French).

Alberta Natural Heritage Information Centre, Edmonton, AB. (Wayne Nordstrom, Simon Nadeau (Fish and Wildlife Division)).

Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre, Regina, SK. (Jeff Keith, Jeanette Pepper).

Manitoba Conservation Data Centre, Winnipeg, MB. (-).

Ontario Natural Heritage Information Centre, Peterborough, ON. (Jim Mackenzie).

Centre de données sur le patrimoine naturel du Québec, Québec, QC

Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre, Sackville, NB. (S. Blaney, Stefan Gerriets).

Wildlife Management Boards

Sahtu Renewable Resources Board, Tulita, NT. (Jody Snortland, Walter Bayha, Richard Popko, Alasdair Veitch).

Gwich’in Renewable Resources Board, Inuvik, NT. (Jari Heikkila, Robert Charlie).

Wildlife Management Advisory Council - Northwest Territories, Inuvik, NT. (Larry Carpenter, Katherine Thiesenhausen).

Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Coordinating Committee (James Bay, northern Quebec), Montreal, QC. (Nicole Gougeon, Johnny Peters).

Wildlife Management Advisory Council - North Slope, Whitehorse, YT. (Lindsay Staples, Aileen Horler).

Nunavut Wildlife Management Board, Iqaluit, NU. (Erin Calder, Harry Flaherty).

Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board, Whhitehorse, YT. (Christine Cleghorn, Pat Van Bibber).


COSEWIC Secretariat for information on sources of Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge, Gatineau, QC. (Gloria Goulet, also Cecilia Lougheed).


Chiasson, Roland. Conservation Biologist, Sackville, NB.

Dietz, Sabine. Conservation Biologist, Sackville, NB.

Dekker, Dick. Biologist, Edmonton, AB.

Etcheberry, Roger. Biologist. St. Pierre and Miquelon, France.

Holohan, Stewart. Naturalist, Dublin, Ireland.

Lapointe, Stephane. (Quebec Hydro, contacted by Yves Aubry, CWS Quebec Region, QC).

Linegar, Paul. Biologist, St. John’s, NL.

MacDonald, John. Research Laboratory Manager (retired), Igloolik, NU.

Myers, Susann. Naturalist, Halifax, NS.

Peck, Mark. Biologist, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, ON.

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