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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Red Knot in Canada

Biographical Summary of Report Writers

Dr. R.I. Guy Morrison is a Senior Research Scientist, Shorebirds, working for the Canadian Wildlife Service at the National Wildlife Research Centre in Ottawa. Dr. Morrison completed his undergraduate studies at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, and his Ph.D. at Cambridge University, UK. While at Cambridge, Dr. Morrison organized a series of expeditions to Iceland to study Red Knot migration, and after completing his Ph.D., took up a position with the Canadian Wildlife Service working on shorebirds. Over the past 30 years, his work on the distribution and ecology of shorebirds has taken him from the Canadian High Arctic to southern South America. His work at Alert, Ellesmere Island, was instrumental in understanding the role of body stores in knots during migration and breeding. With Ken Ross, his South American Shorebird Atlas project surveys led to the discovery of the wintering areas of rufa knots in Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia in the 1980s, and Ken and Guy have carried out the surveys documenting the rapid decline in knots on their wintering grounds since 2000. Dr. Morrison remains active in international conservation and research activities on Red Knots.

Allen J. Baker is Head of the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, ON. Patricia M. Gonzalez is a prominent conservationist and researcher on Red Knots in South America and is a partner with Fundacion Inalafquen, San Antonio Oeste, Argentina. Larry J. Niles is the Chief of the Endangered and Nongame Species Program with the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife. R. Ken Ross is a biologist with the Canadian Wildlife Service, Ontario Region in Ottawa, and with Guy Morrison has carried out all the CWS Shorebird Atlas Projects in South America, Central America, and Panama.

Collections Examined

No collections were examined during the course of writing this report.


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