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Recovery Strategy for the North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena glacialis) in Atlantic Canadian Waters.

Appendix C: Record of consultations

The North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) is a large marine mammal under the federal jurisdiction of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  A migratory animal, the North Atlantic right whale travels along the east coast of North America primarily from eastern Florida to the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Newfoundland.  Because of the transboundary and multi-regional scope of the species and the breadth of knowledge and expertise in relation to the species, broad engagement and consultations were sought in the development of the recovery strategy.

The North Atlantic Right Whale Recovery Implementation Team played a key role in providing input into the recovery strategy.  DFO Maritimes Region co-chaired this team of experts and representatives from multiple levels of government, including the US National Marine Fisheries Service, and stakeholder groups such as environmental non-government organizations, academia, research organizations, Aboriginal communities and the fishing industry. Specific members of the Recovery Team and their affiliations can be found on page 54 of this recovery strategy.  Input on this strategy was sought from all members of the Recovery Team.

In addition, the scientific elements of the strategy, namely sections 1.9 (critical habitat), 2.2 (recovery goal) and 2.8 (allowable activities) were informed through a full peer review organized by the Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat. 

The strategy was also reviewed by DFO representatives in the National Capital Region and relevant DFO regions (including Québec, Gulf, Newfoundland and Labrador), and relevant provincial government representatives from Québec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.  All comments received during this level of review were considered.

Engagement in the activities of the Recovery Team and additional input into this strategy were also sought from relevant First Nations and Aboriginal communities. The document was circulated to Aboriginal communities, who were subsequently contacted for input.  Any comments received during this review were incorporated into the document.

Comments received on the proposed recovery strategy during the 60-day public registry comment period (January 8, 2009 to March 9, 2009) were incorporated in the final version of the document.

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