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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Rougheye Rockfish sp. type I and sp. type II in Canada

Existing Protection or Other Status Designations

Fisheries for this species pair are managed through a fisheries management plan (DFO 2007). Under this plan, quotas are set for coastwide removals of rougheye rockfishes that are administered through an individual-vessel-quota system. Currently, 55.8% of the 950 t coastwide quota is allocated to the trawl fleet and 44.2% is allocated to the hook and line sector (halibut and rockfish licences). Industry plays an active role in fishery management through scientific collaboration, including significant funding towards research surveys, observer coverage, and electronic monitoring of vessels which do not cover observers.

The preferred bottom types of rougheye rockfishes – steep-slope, boulder habitats (Krieger and Ito 1999) – may act as potential deterrents to fishing, at least from bottom trawling. Longline gear can presumably access these sites. The depth preference of this species pair limits its exposure to recreational harvest.

No official habitat protection exists for this species pair.