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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Rougheye Rockfish sp. type I and sp. type II in Canada

Biographical Summary of the Report Writers

Rowan Haigh (principal author) currently works for Fisheries and Oceans Canada in the Marine Ecosystems and Aquaculture Division (MEAD) at the Pacific Biological Station (PBS) in Nanaimo, BC. His professional activities include biological systems modelling, exploratory data analysis, geographic information systems management, and groundfish stock assessment. Previous experience in Oceanography at the University of British Columbia includes phytoplankton taxonomy, red tide monitoring, and coastal marine ecology.

Norm Olsen also works for Fisheries and Oceans Canada in MEAD at PBS. His expertise includes database management, geographic information systems, and exploratory data analysis.

Paul Starr works as an independent fisheries contract scientist providing advice and expertise to governments and industry. He currently contracts with the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries and the Canadian Groundfish Research and Conservation Society. His many skills include fisheries modelling, data analysis, and strategic thinking.

Scott Wallace works as an independent contract ecology consultant. He has many years’ experience with species-at-risk issues. His company provides scientific expertise and education.

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