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Amended Recovery Strategy and Management Plan for Multiple Species of Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora in Canada - 2015 [Proposed]


Appendix 6 : ACPF Species on Medium Priority Lakes

Medium priority was assigned to 23 lakes that contained one or more non-legally listed Red, Orange or Undetermined ranked species. This information was complied from a number of sources including the NS DNR Significant Species and Habitat (SigHab) database, AC CDC database, and from input from experts on the species. Some of these records date back to the 1920s and for some locations have not been revisited recently. Note that some of these species also occur in other habitat types that are not mentioned in this appendix.

Appendix 6.1 ACPF Species on Medium Priority Lakes
Medium Priority LakesNS DNR General Status Ranks
Coastal Plain Joe-pye-weedR
Blunt-leaved BedstrawR
Fall Panic GrassR
Intermediate MermaidweedR
Silky WillowR
Coastal Plain Blue-eyed GrassR
Poison SumacR
Smooth AlderY
Common ButtonbushY
Thread-like NaiadY
Southern Rein OrchidY
Appendix 6.2
WatershedSiteCoastal  Plain Joe-pye-weedBlunt-leaved BedstrawFall Panic GrassIntermediate MermaidweedSilky WillowCoastal Plain Blue-eyed GrassPoison SumacSmooth AlderCommon Buttonbush
GaspereauFour Mile Lake--------
LaHaveWentzells Lake-------
MedwayApple Tree Lake-------
MedwaySecond Christopher Lake-------
MedwayTelfer Lake------
RosewayWelshtown Lake--------
ShubenacadieLake Egmont--------
ShubenacadieShubenacadie Grand Lake--------
TusketEllenwood Lake--------
TusketParr Lake-------
TusketPetes Lake------
TusketRandals Lake--------
Medium Priority Total-412231232
Appendix 6.2 Continued
WatershedSiteThread-like NaiadSouthern Rein OrchidTotal Number of High Priority SpeciesTotal  Number of Medium Priority SpeciesTotal Number of ACPF Species
GaspereauFour Mile Lake--101
LaHaveWentzells Lake--202
MedwayApple Tree Lake-123
MedwaySecond Christopher Lake--123
MedwayTelfer Lake--134
RosewayWelshtown Lake--101
ShubenacadieLake Egmont--101
ShubenacadieShubenacadie Grand Lake--101
TusketEllenwood Lake-112
TusketParr Lake-213
TusketPetes Lake-224
TusketRandals Lake--101
Medium Priority Total-23---

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