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Amended Recovery Strategy and Management Plan for Multiple Species of Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora in Canada - 2015 [Proposed]


Appendix 8 : ACPF Research In NS Since 1990

A summary of ACPF research in NS since 1990, including a brief description of the research. Refer to References (Section 4) for full citations.

Appendix 8. ACPF Research In NS Since 1990
Author(s)DateType of PublicationResearch
Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre2001-2014Digital databaseExtensive ACPF fieldwork for COSEWIC status reports and other projects, with numerous reports published and all species data recorded in the AC CDC database
Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute2010-2014Digital databaseAtlas of ACPF Species at Risk occurrence on Nova Scotia lakeshores
Sutton J.OngoingMasters ThesisReproductive ecology and genetics of Plymouth Gentian between populations in NS, Massachusetts and North Carolina. In NS, examining gene flow and clonal structure between disturbed and undisturbed sites.
Lusk J. M. & Reekie E. G.in pressJournalThe effect of growing season length and water level fluctuations on the growth and survival of Pink Coreopsisand Water Pennywort.
Dawe C. E. & Reekie E. G.in pressJournalThe effects of flooding regime on the growth and development of Water Pennywort.
Hill N., Myra M. & Johnston M.2006JournalThe level of natural seed production, and the rate of self-fertilization and inbreeding depression in a Plymouth Gentianpopulation in NS.
Lusk J. M.2006Masters ThesisThe impacts of hydrological alterations on Water Pennywortand Pink Coreopsisand the potential for managing water levels at reservoir lakes to benefit rare ACPF species.
Wood S.2006Honours ThesisGenetic structure and variation between Pink Coreopsispopulations in NS and Massachusetts.
Dawe C. E.2006Honours
The effects of flooding regime and subzero temperatures on Water Pennywort.
Trant A. J.2005Masters ThesisThe effects of lakeshore development on pollinator visitation rates and seed bank composition for Plymouth Gentian, and the role of stewardship in the recovery process.
Brittain C.2005KNP ReportMonitoring report for Water Pennywort populations in KNP.
Vasseur L.2005KNP ReportResearch report assessing spatial and temporal trends ofWater Pennywort populations in KNP using current and historic data. Refinement of monitoring protocol.
Hazel S.2004Honours ThesisTolerance limits of ACPF species and the identification of factors that may prevent ACPF from colonizing reservoir lakes.
McConnell M.2004Honours ThesisEffect of crab spider inhabitation on pollinator visitation rates to Plymouth Gentian.
Eaton S. T. & Boates J. S.2003NS DNR PublicationThe impacts of water quality and the level of alien invasive species at high priority lakes containing ACPF in the Medway and Tusket watersheds in NS.
Cody N.2002Honours ThesisGenetic variation and reproductive success in Three-leaved Sundew.
Eaton S. T. & Boates J. S.2002NS DNR PublicationAssessment of the anthropogenic threats to ACPF in the Tusket River Watershed.
Morris P. A., Hill N. M., Reekie E. G. & Hewlin H. L.2002JournalThe association of disturbance gradients such as catchment area, wave action and depth with the presence of rare ACPF species.
Holder M. & Kingsley A.2001NS DNR PublicationSummary of all historic ACPF data.
Myra M.2001Honours ThesisReproductive biology of Plymouth Gentian.
Starzomski B. M. & Boates J. S.2001NS DNR PublicationAnalyses and mapping of ACPF habitat and spatial structure for hotspot delineation and management.
Hill N. M., Boates J. S. & Elderkin M. F.2000JournalThe importance of low catchment area lakes for the conservation of rare ACPF.
Hill N. M., Keddy P.A. & Wisheu I. C.1998JournalA hydrological model for predicting the effects of dams on the shoreline vegetation of lakes and reservoirs. A comparison of the vegetation and hydrological regimes of regulated and unregulated systems.
Hill, N. M. & Johansson M. E.1998JournalThe geographical distribution and ecology of Long's Bulrush.
Holt T. D., Ilya B. & Hill N. M.1995JournalA watershed level analysis of the lakeshore plant community.
Morris P. D.1994Masters ThesisRelationship between disturbance and ACPF distribution in NS. Examined richness and community composition in relation to shoreline disturbance, watershed area, wind direction and shoreline indentation.
Wisheu I. C., Keddy C. J., Keddy P.A. & Hill N.M.1994JournalThe distribution, habitat and conservation priorities for ACPF in NS.
Wisheu I. C. & Keddy P.A.1994JournalThe low competitive ability of ACPF and implications for conservation.
Sweeney S. & Ogilvie R.1993JournalConservation attempts and future needs for the recovery of ACPF in NS.
Hill N. M. & Keddy P. A.1992JournalPrediction of the location of ACPF on NS lakeshores from habitat variables such as watershed area, soil substrate, water chemistry, and shoreline width.
Wisheu, I. C. & Keddy P. A.1991JournalThe role of seed banks in the persistence of rare ACPF in NS. The effect of ATV use on seed bank density and survival.

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