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Recovery strategy for multi-species at risk in Garry Oak Woodlands in Canada


Appendix A - Record of experts consulted

Linda Adams. 2003. Conversation. Chief Administrative Officer, Islands Trust. Email:

Tim Ennis. 2003. Email correspondence. Director of Land Stewardship, Nature Conservancy. Email:

Matt Fairbarns. 2005. Email correspondence. Botanist, Victoria, BC. Email:

Richard Hebda. 2003. Conversation. Curator, Botany and Earth History, Royal BC Museum. Tel: (250) 387-5493

Mike Meagher. 2004. Email correspondence. GOERT Research Recovery Implementation Group (RIG). Email:

Jenifer Penny. 2005. Email correspondence. Botanist, B.C. Conservation Data Centre, Ministry of Environment. Email:

Brian Reader.2004. Conversation. Species at Risk Ecologist, Parks Canada. Email:

Hans Roemer. 2003. Conversation. Botanist, Victoria, BC. Email:

Appendix B - Members of the Plants at Risk Recovery Implementation Group of the Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team

Brenda Costanzo
Ecosystems branch
Ministry of Environment
4th Floor South, 2975 Jutland Road
Phone: (250) 387-9611

Ted Lea (chair)
Ecosystems Branch
BC Ministry of environment
4th Floor South, 2975 Jutland Road
Victoria, BC  V8T 5J9
Phone: 250-387-1110

George Douglas (deceased)
Private botanist

Mike Miller
Private Botanist
201-340 Linden Avenue
Victoria, BC  V8V 4E9

Matt Fairbarns
Private botanist, Aruncus Consulting
776 Falkland Road
Victoria, BC  V8S 4L8
Phone: (250) 595-2057

Brian Reader
Species at Risk ecologist
Parks Canada
2nd Floor, 711 Broughton Street
Victoria, BC  V8W 1E2
Phone: (250) 363-8560

Marilyn Fuchs
Former program coordinator
Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team

Hans Roemer
Private botanist
1717 Woodsend Road
Victoria, BC  V9E 1H7
Phone: (250) 479-6470

Chris Junck
Public involvement & extension specialist
Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team
301-1205 Broad Street,
Victoria,  BC V8W 2A4
Phone: (250) 383-3293

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