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COSEWIC assessment and update status report on the Athabasca Thrift, ssp. interior in Canada

Existing Protection or Other Status

Armeria maritima subsp. interior was designated a threatened species by COSEWIC in 1981. In 1992 the sand dune region on the south shore of Lake Athabasca was officially designated the Athabasca Sand Dunes Wilderness Provincial Park (Anon 1997). The 1925 square kilometre park extends about 100 km along the south shore of the lake from just west of Ennuyeuse Creek to just east of the MacFarlane River and 20-30 km south of the lakeshore (Figure 2). The park has been zoned into three regions. The greatest protection is given to William River dune field (west of the William R.), lesser protection is given to dune fields in other areas. All regions have restrictions on camping, the number of individuals using a campsite, the use of open fires, collecting plants or ventifacts, and hiking on desert pavements (gravel pavements).