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COSEWIC assessment and update status report on the Athabasca Thrift, ssp. interior in Canada

The Author

George W. Argus received a PhD in Biology from Harvard University in 1961. He worked as a professor at the University of Saskatchewan from 1961-1969 and a curator at the Canadian Museum of Nature from 1972-1995. He retired in 1995 as Curator Emeritus. He is a specialist in the systematics of the genus Salix (willow) and has written monographs and floristic treatments on the genus. In 1973 he initiated and directed the Rare and Endangered Plants Project which published on rare plants in Canada, including Rare vascular plants in Canada - Our natural heritage. In the past he has served as scientific authority for flora to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and as a member of various conservation committees. Currently he is a member of the editorial committee of the Flora of North America and is writing a monograph on the systematics of New World Salix. His research in systematics has been recognized by the Gleason Award from the New York Botanical Garden and his conservation-related work received the Lawson Medal from the Canadian Botanical Association.

Authorities Consulted

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