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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Eastern Flowering Dogwood in Canada

Acknowledgements and Authorities Consulted

Mike Oldham provided records from NHIC, including herbarium records from the major Ontario herbaria; Gerry Waldron provided information on sites he was familiar with in Essex and Chatham-Kent and assisted in field observations there; Paul O’Hara provided information on sites he knew of in Halton and Hamilton, and assisted in field observations there and in Niagara; George Meyers provided information on recent observations in Niagara; Richard Wilson (provincial Forest Pathologist) visited several sites with the author and provided confirmations of dogwood anthracnose from collected specimens, as did Chuck Davis; Allen Woodliffe (MNR District Ecologist-Alymer) provided detailed field sightings for Skunks’ Misery; Jane Bowles (University of Western Ontario Herbarium) provided field sightings from her recent field projects; Rob Guthrie provided Ontario Tree Atlas information and generated the map from the provided data points; Henry Kock (University of Guelph Arboretum) provided information on a population he knew of in the Ausable Valley; Mary Gartshore provided observations of early dogwood anthracnose symptoms in Norfolk County; Larry Lamb (University of Waterloo ecologist) provided confirmation that he had searched for the historic Brant County sites and not found them.