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Bashful Bulrush (Trichophorum Planifolium)


Steve Varga, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Aurora, provided maps and background information on the Rouge valley sites and helped with the fieldwork. Bill Crins provided maps and directions to the RBG sites. Tyler Smith, RBG, provided maps, historic records, and helped with the fieldwork at both RBG sites. Anthony Goodban, Milton, provided information on historic records and confirmed that there were no new records from the Hamilton-Wentworth area. Anthony also helped with the fieldwork at the RBG. Mike Oldham, Natural Heritage Information Centre, Peterborough, provided background reports and a listing of known records with details of recent confirmations. Audrey Heagy, London, checked for records from the Hamilton-Wentworth natural area inventory. Mike McMurtry, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Aurora, and Pam Fulford, Rouge Park, Toronto, helped with fieldwork at the Rouge valley site. Funding provided by the Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada.