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Bashful Bulrush (Trichophorum Planifolium)

COSEWIC Status Report
on the
Bashful Bulrush
Trichophorum planifolium
in Canada

Species Information

Name and Classification

Scientific name:

Trichophorum planifolium (Spreng.) Palla (synonym: Scirpus verecundus Fern.)

Common Name:

Bashful Bulrush; Few-flowered Club-rush


Cyperaceae; Sedge Family

Major Plant Group:

Monocot flowering plant



Bashful Bulrush is a perennial herb that forms small clumps of short, erect, grass-like leaves. Several dozen delicate flowering stalks, triangular in cross-section and generally only 10-20 cm high, develop in the spring. A small solitary spike develops at the end of each stalk. The spike consists of several petal-less flowers, each of which is partly enclosed by an awn-tipped bract. Plants generally occur as loosely-associated patches of from a few to several hundred clumps. Later in the season, the leaves and culms tend to fall over and become matted on the forest floor.