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COSEWIC Assessment and Update Status Report on the Carmine Shiner in Canada

Glossary and Biographical Summary of Report Writer


Allozymes are forms of an enzyme that differ in their chemistry.

Phylogenetic relationships describe the evolutionary or genealogical history of species relative to one another.

Sympatric species occur in the same or overlapping areas. They coexist.

Biographical Summary of Report Writer

D. Bruce Stewart, M.Sc., is a zoologist with training in ecology and physiology. From 1977-86, he planned and conducted baseline research on aquatic resources throughout the NWT and Nunavut for the Northern Land Use Information Series (NLUIS) Mapping Program. He has worked with Inuit on the land to study anadromous Arctic charr populations and in the communities to compile traditional knowledge of the distribution and biology of narwhals and belugas in the Canadian eastern Arctic. As Head of Arctic Biological Consultants, Bruce has provided expert advice on aquatic resources, parks initiatives, and resource developments to government, industry, and native organizations. This work has included preparation of a comprehensive fishery development strategy for the Canadian Beaufort Sea/Amundsen Gulf area for the Inuvialuit; reviews of information on fish populations and harvests in the Nunavut, Sahtu Dene and Metis, Gwich'in, North Slave, South Slave and Deh Cho settlement areas for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO); and studies that recommend areas for consideration as new National Marine Parks in Hudson Bay and James Bay. In 1991-93, the Ministers of the Environment for Canada and Manitoba appointed Bruce to a six-member panel charged with conducting a public review of the potential environmental effects of the $5.7 billion Conawapa hydroelectric development proposed by Manitoba Hydro. He has also assessed the potential impacts of the Nanisivik Mine, the Diavik and Jericho diamond projects, and Meadowbank Gold project on the aquatic environment, and recently completed a comprehensive overview of the Hudson Bay marine ecosystem for DFO. Bruce has also prepared the narwhal, walrus, and darktail lamprey updates for COSEWIC. He has written over 70 scientific publications and reports, published popular articles and photographs in Canadian Geographic and The Beaver, and lectured on the Arctic to a wide variety of audiences.