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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Common Nighthawk in Canada


The author wishes to thank Peter Taylor, Jean Gauthier, Mark Brigham and Louis Handfield for sharing their knowledge of the ecology of the Common Nighthawk. He also thanks Jacques Larivée, Peter Blancher and Angela Darwin for providing him with unpublished data on trends of the species for Quebec and Ontario, all volunteers who participated in collecting data for the EPOQ and Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas programs, and Gilles Seutin for his comments on the first draft of this report. Funding for this report was provided by the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment Canada.

Authorities Consulted

The following list only includes those that have made a significant contribution to the present report. However, the author would also like to thank all others that made a contribution, specifically, the conservation data centres, national heritage information centres, the Parks Canada Agency and the provincial/territorial representatives within the species’ range.

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