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COSEWIC assessment and update status report on the American Columbo in Canada

Existing Protection or Other Status Designations

Threadgill et al. (1979) noted that although Frasera caroliniensis is widespread, it is not common or abundant anywhere in its range. Following the Nature Serve ranking (NatureServe, 2004), it is globally secure (G5). However, it is critically imperiled (S1) in Alabama, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, imperiled (S2) in Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, and vulnerable (S3) in Georgia. It is considered secure (S5) in Kentucky, but has not been ranked for the rest of the states where it occurs. Frasera caroliniensis is a listed Threatened species in New York (Young and Weldy, 2004) and an Endangered species in Pennsylvania (Anonymous, 2004). It may be extirpated in Louisiana (SH). In Canada it is nationally (N2) and provincially (S2 – Ontario) imperiled. It was designated as special concern by COSEWIC in 1993 (COSEWIC Wildlife Species Search), and is listed as special concern on the Ontario SARO list.