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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Columbian Carpet Moss in Canada

Summary of Status Report

The Columbian carpet moss is a small perennial species with a restricted distribution in the shrub-steppe in semi-arid regions of Canada. The species typically grows on soil and is a rare component of the biological crust community in these areas. It is never abundant in sites where it is found. In Canada, recent surveys have confirmed the presence of Bryoerythrophyllum columbianum from 11 sites in British Columbia Thus, the British Columbian populations may be the northernmost locations for this species in Canada. Although the species was not relocated at all of the previous sites where it had been found, extensive surveys have provided few new locations. At least two populations are believed to have been lost to cultivation (vineyard) or to stochastic events. Threats include agriculture (especially vineyards), impact by grazing animals, urban development, road improvements, and human recreational impacts.