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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Columbian Carpet Moss in Canada

Authorities Contacted and Collections Examined

Authorities Contacted

The following authorities were consulted during the preparation of this report:

John A. Christy
Wetland Ecologist, Oregon Natural Heritage Program
Herbarium Research Associate, Oregon State University, Oregon, USA

W. B. Schofield
Professor Emeritus, Botany Department
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

James R. Shevock
Associate Regional Director, Resources, Partnerships and Science
National Park Service, Pacific West
Oakland, California, USA

Collections Examined

Collections were examined from the herbaria at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the University of Victoria (UVIC). A number of collections will be deposited at UBC, and are indicated with an asterisk.
1B89011T. T. McIntosh with A. Kruckeberg and T. Lester4222Jun. 8, 1980UBC
2B109390T. T. McIntosh with A. Kruckeberg5069AAug. 4, 1980UBC
3B89012T.T. McIntosh6937Jun. 22, 1981UBC
4B109553T. T. McIntosh, with J. Spence and T. Goward7555 Apr. 28, 1983UBC
5B98120W. B. Schofield.84855May 5, 1986UBC
6-T. T. McIntosh and K. Paige8075Jun. 3, 2001UBC*
7-T. T. McIntosh and F. Knezevich8040AAug. 3, 2001UBC*
8-T. T. McIntosh8018Dec. 23, 2002UBC*
9-T. T. McIntosh8020Dec. 23, 2002UBC*
10-T. T. McIntosh8021Dec. 23, 2002UBC*
11-T. T. McIntosh8029Dec. 23, 2002UBC*
12-T. T. McIntosh8031Dec. 23, 2002UBC*
13-T. T. McIntosh8034Dec. 23, 2003UBC*
14-T. T. McIntosh8061Jan. 21, 2003UBC*
15-T. T. McIntosh8062Jan. 21, 2003UBC*
16-T. T. McIntosh8056Jul. 11, 2002UBC*
17-T. T. McIntosh8067Jan. 21, 2003UBC*
18-T. T. McIntosh and F. Knezevich8072KJan. 21, 2003UBC*
19NoneA. Nicholson, E. Hamilton, and T. T. McIntosh81-255
May 25, 1981UVIC

Record of Field Work

Field work directly related to this Report was completed in 2002, on the following dates and at the locations noted in brackets (sometimes field searches for Bryoerythrophyllum columbianum were made in addition to other work at these sites):  May 15 – 18 (south Okanagan Valley), June 14 (Cranbrook area, eastern BC), July 11-12 (Osoyoos area), July 29 – 31 (Okanagan area), August 6 – 8 (Spences Bridge area), October 18 – 20 (Kamloops area), and December 22 – 24 (south Okanagan area). One to 4 hours was spent searching at each site, depending on the size of the site.  Field work was undertaken on one additional day, January 21, 2003, in order to confirm earlier sight-only locations in the south Okanagan area, and to confirm some collections that were lost in 2001 following a survey for CDC red-listed moss species with K. Paige of the BC Ministry of Forests (these had been stored in damp condition and mosses were destroyed by fungi).


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